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Round of 16

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So, Brian, we’re three quarters of the way through the cumbersomely-named Round of 16, let’s have a look at the results:

Adidas 2-0 Umbro
A great result for the home nation against their under-par opponents.

Adidas 2-1 Nike (after extra time)
Meddling with the purity of the pale blue and white stripes by introducing the weird pale blue collarbone area didn’t affect the favourites’ performance here, despite going a goal down to the beautiful green-with-white-chest-stripe-d underdogs.

Umbro 1-0 Marathon
A dull match for two dull kits. Maybe the crass, desperate gold star was the difference here, Brian.

Nike 1-0 Nike
The classic kit match-up of the Round of 16: the glass of red wine versus the gorgeous retro diagonal stripes. An ill-tempered game sending the much fancied, wonderfully-typefaced team home.

Puma 1-0 Nike
The chiselled handsomeness of the players in Puma almost deflects from an underwhelming kit, as they spawned their way into the quarter finals against the slightly weird yellow and green combo that are the sporting colours of the plucky nation from the other side of the universe.

Puma 0-0 Lotto (aet, Lotto win 3-0 on penalties)
Two indescript kits bored their way through 120 minutes of football, until the Sunday pub team look of Lotto won out.

The last two games of the Round of 16 see a less-than-convincing Nike kit in a game with the incredibly sweaty-looking Puma kit, and a tantilising all-Adidas clash.

I’m predicting a win for Nike and Adidas, and ultimately, my money’s on an Adidas v Adidas final, Brian.
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June 27th, 2006 at 12:21 am

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  1. How come GOLA never get a look in? Or Ethel Austin?


    27 Jun 06 at 03:08

  2. Round of 16!
    What was wrong with Last 16 or Second Round? Do we have to accomodate the Americans in everything?! Wasnt it ‘literal’ enough for them. Eesh!
    (the origin of the phrase was US commentators it seems)


    27 Jun 06 at 04:30

  3. imagine a hi-tec versus nicks final,
    now that would be a ugly


    27 Jun 06 at 05:41

  4. I do wonder where Reebok are. They’re surely the largest sportswear company to not be represented here.


    27 Jun 06 at 12:05

  5. Reebok have been bought out by Adidas.
    Adidas have decided to focus their brand on football and reposition the Reebok brand for mainly US sport. Which is ironic seeing as Reebok was British.


    27 Jun 06 at 15:36

  6. Perhaps they’re waiting for the Olympics.. too bad.

    Speaking of reebok it’d be great seeing Terry Tate at the world cup tackling the wankers who feign injury. He’d give them something to roll around on the floor about.


    27 Jun 06 at 16:18

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