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Tic Tac

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Just in case you were wondering (and I’m pretty sure you were), Tic Tac packaging looks different in Germany and the USA.

Written by Craig

June 7th, 2006 at 12:35 am

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  1. Thanks for clearing that up – it’s been bothering me for years!

    But I cannot exactly make out which is which on the picture (both have some english labels) – but I guess the one with the coloured tictacs is the US one – I’d assume the germans have dropped the “unnecessary” food coloring – in favour of putting the color in the box – smart!




    7 Jun 06 at 07:58

  2. Correct, the orange Tic Tacs are the American ones, the orange packaging is the German.


    7 Jun 06 at 08:18

  3. The Americans also have floating Tic Tacs by the looks of things?!

  4. We also now have “Bold!” tic tacs now (emboldended by exclamation points, apparently) which have colored packaging as well. Behold:


    Now my “Bold!” tic tacs seem so international.


    7 Jun 06 at 14:41

  5. Tori: Those two Tic Tacs are still there. No matter how hard I bash the thing against the table, they won’t come out. They should make the new World Trade Centre out of Tic Tacs and encase it in a big plastic box: that’ll keep it safe.

    Kelly: I did notice those when I was in New York. You’vegot so many flavours over there!


    7 Jun 06 at 16:48

  6. german tictacs used to be coloured when i was young. not that this was important, but it’s true.


    10 Jun 06 at 00:19

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