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Ticket, I got a ticket

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For ages I’ve known that a friend of mine who no longer lives in Germany would be transferring his ticket for the Ukraine v Tunisia game to me; but that ticket never arrived. So we checked out all the paperwork and found out that I had to go to the ticket centre at the Olympiastadion in Berlin at least the day before the game to go and pick it up.

Naturally, I chuntered to myself about the clash of the twin titans of unnecessary beaurocracy – Fifa and Germany – but all in all, it was an incredibly painless process. Train journey there, well ordered process of shuttling you in to get your ticket, then back home. Kinda ruined the planned blog rant I’d hoped I’d be able to write, really. Bastards!

The ticket itself, though, is the highest density piece of card I’ve ever touched in my life. I’m convinced it’s just a thin wisp of ink printed on iridium.

So, anyway, I’ve got a ticket and I’m silly happy about it.

Written by Craig

June 21st, 2006 at 3:46 pm

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  1. Congratulations! And for curious reasons I am very happy that the process of transferring went so smoothly. It feels weird to be suddenly living in a country were everyone is happy and everything is fan-friendly


    21 Jun 06 at 16:21

  2. I agree; I’ve loved Berlin the last couple of weeks. It’s great seeing Germans happy and it’s great seeing so many visitors happy too.
    It’s a stereotype of German-ism, but the organisation of everything does seem spot on.


    21 Jun 06 at 16:24

  3. Those perfect German bastards!
    “no problem Herr Robinson, I’ve got ze ticket right here. No, no, zhere is no paperwork, take ze ticket, zhat’s all.” “And by ze way, I like your new haircut. I’tz really you…”



    21 Jun 06 at 16:24

  4. It’s very pleasing that the tickets have a little picture of a clock for people who don’t have digital watches.

    Lee Farmie

    21 Jun 06 at 17:13

  5. That made me chuckle too: for those that don’t know what numbers are… here’s a graphic icon to help you.


    21 Jun 06 at 17:14

  6. Row 3 Seat 1! That’s fantastically close! I think. Unless it starts from the back.

    Do they give maps of the stadium?


    22 Jun 06 at 05:17

  7. it’s funny that they even bother with the transferring process as they weren’t checking identity at all at the berlin stadium when i was there.


    22 Jun 06 at 08:03

  8. Max: I think it’s fairly close to one of the corner flags.

    Sattva: I’ve heard that there are spot checks at each stadium. I suppose the whole process is there to retard things as much as possibly; maybe even to disuade people from travelling to Germany without a ticket… which quite obviously hasn’t happened w/ the England fans.


    22 Jun 06 at 14:29

  9. The only problem is that all the Craig fans (now we know where and when) will outnumber the footie ones and they’ll all be standing on the pitch pointing and chanting “flipflop, flip flop” and you’ll never see the game. I wonder what strip they will all wear?

    Do you think the FIFA logo is intentionally ‘mucho macho cohones’?

    Magic Door

    22 Jun 06 at 17:45

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