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Briefcases full o’ money

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Do drug lords really use briefcases to hand over money and cocaine like in Miami Vice?
If so, do they have standing orders with the briefcase shops?
Do they pay in cash?
Do they pay with a briefcase full of cash?
What percentage of the world’s briefcases are used for illegal transfer of money or drugs?
Does the FBI keep checks on briefcase shops to help solve crimes?
Do drug lords reuse them in their daily lives?
Or do they just have a garage full of briefcases?
And what sort of system do they have to remember all the combination locks?

Written by Craig

July 26th, 2006 at 6:41 pm

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  1. 1. Of course. Would Miami Vice ever lie to us? Exactly.

    2. No, they get paid like that as well by other drug lords/earls/marquesses, so they tend to have some handy. A bit like in Lord Of The Rings where hobbit birthday presents often circulate amongst various people over the years. Does this mean Tolkien was a drug lord? Oh dear, I’ve answered a question with another question.

    3. If ever buying a briefcase, yup,less traceable.

    4. No! That’d be the most expensive briefcase in the world! And even then, the payment briefcase would have to be full of one-dollar bills. JUST SILLY.

    5. 67% nowadays. When did you last see anyone but a drug lord carrying a briefcase?

    6. Yup, that’s why our cities, towns and countrysides are so drug-free and… oh, wait.

    7. Yup. It’s surprising what information you can beat out of a stool-pidgeon with a sturdy Samsonite.

    8. Only old drug lords who sell more than buy: see answer 2.

    9. 1111. Always 1111.


    26 Jul 06 at 19:06

  2. Oh no, someone mentioned Lord of the bloody Rings. Time to close the comments section down!


    26 Jul 06 at 19:10

  3. Along those lines: what about the makers of tiny little ziploc baggies? Are they only used for drugs, or what? Do the bag makers know this?


    26 Jul 06 at 19:17

  4. You’ve just bought Vice Season 2 haven’t you?


    26 Jul 06 at 23:42

  5. Yes, to all of your questions yes.

    I was just having some fun with my favorite FBI agent…you know just some innocent fun with some vodka and a feather tickler, anyway, he told me all about it.

    Oh wait, you didn’t ask just yes/no questions…



    27 Jul 06 at 14:00

  6. the life of a briefcase in pixels?


    29 Jul 06 at 16:27

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