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Exactly what I need to see when I’m taking Billy for his morning toilet: a dead, flattened bird taped to a wall.

Written by Craig

July 24th, 2006 at 10:25 am

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  1. so this is what they do with dead birds in germany????


    24 Jul 06 at 11:58

  2. Ew. Grotesque.


    24 Jul 06 at 12:10

  3. it’s got a cross, and a heart. I reckon it’s some sort of surrealist funeral.


    24 Jul 06 at 13:55

  4. Artists have always been utilising pavement-kill in their works. Maurizio Cattelan’s piece Bidibidobidiboo always springs to mind when I see stuff like this.

    El Chico

    24 Jul 06 at 15:19

  5. Ewwwwww…

    Not a very deep comment by any stretch, but ewwwwwwwww…

    I think that’s all I need to say about that.


    24 Jul 06 at 15:40

  6. Hmm.


    24 Jul 06 at 15:44

  7. And did you take it off?


    24 Jul 06 at 15:54

  8. Good God, no! Just the thought of what diseases are crawling around there makes me feel ill.


    24 Jul 06 at 15:55

  9. That’s not art, that’s witchkraft!

    I see many death birds here in Mexico, specially white pigeons.

    To put it simply, people still believe in sacrifices over here. White & Black magic and if I’m not wrong, both use death birds as oppossed to spider legs.

    The followers of these actions, also believe in this saint called La Santa Muerte, which means Holy Death and looks like a skeleton with a black
    cape and an axe. And they pray to it.

    They also believe in ghosts, on rising dead, and zombies. And well, who never heard of the Chupacabras!

    Pretty stupid stuff for you and me, however, all these madness is becoming ‘popular’. It used to be a mystery, but now there’s daily telly shows, press, conferences and even books about it, That is the scary part.

    Miss P


    24 Jul 06 at 18:27

  10. Exactly what I need to see when I’m taking my first bite of New york lunch, while popping back to FFF for an update: a picture of a dead, flattened bird taped to a wall. Thanks craig – that’s put me RIGHT off my pecan chicken, bacon, tomato, lettuce and gruyere sandwich. Bleugh!



    25 Jul 06 at 19:07

  11. Haha, I just remember your fear of flying flu! Suddenly this must be some sort of reminder of it. Can’t help it but I think it’s grotesque and interesting at the same time.


    26 Jul 06 at 12:09

  12. Or could it be an intricate blue Grafedia message? http://grafedia.net/index.php?


    26 Jul 06 at 18:28

  13. Could it be that what looks like heartless is in reality a protest against killing birds? You should not only see the flattened bird, but you should also see the heart beneath it. I think it all will say: I love birds. Sorry this one lost its little life on the street.

    @tap: No this is not what we usually do with dead birds in Germany.


    27 Jul 06 at 19:31

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