Flip Flop Flying


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C’mon, it’s not funny. No, stop laughing! It must’ve hurt!


Written by Craig

July 1st, 2006 at 1:32 pm

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  1. Do you Hassle the Hoff?


    2 Jul 06 at 05:39

  2. He had it coming…

    I mean, making music videos like “hooked on a feeling”.
    That has got to be the worst video ever.


    2 Jul 06 at 12:05

  3. Leave the Hoff alone! That video is bloody brilliant… If your interested in his vocal talents by the way, I can highly recommend his sublime 1989 album ‘Knight Lover’.


    2 Jul 06 at 21:38

  4. Dan, I too own the Knight Lover album.
    It’s a curious beast.


    2 Jul 06 at 21:40

  5. Yeah, it is a strange one, but don’t you just love the opening to ‘Crazy on a Saturday night’. Love him, he takes it so seriously.
    He recorded a great version of Madonnna’s ‘La Isla Bonita’ recently though…


    3 Jul 06 at 00:34

  6. Yep, credit where it is due, that’s a pretty good song.
    Not heard La Isla Bonita, though. Not sure I want to.


    3 Jul 06 at 00:37

  7. You’re probably better off with the Madonna version.
    Before I go, just wanted to say how lovely ‘A Bench’ was. Keep it coming man.


    3 Jul 06 at 00:51

  8. Everything Hasselhof is halarious.


    4 Jul 06 at 05:47

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