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Money for drawing

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In case any of you Britishers were wondering: yes, the posters and bus adverty things for a training shoe is my work.
Thanks to Maru for the above photo.

Written by Craig

July 27th, 2006 at 4:56 pm

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  1. thought it was your work, very nice!


    27 Jul 06 at 17:36

  2. wow..brilliant


    27 Jul 06 at 17:58

  3. Congratulations!


    27 Jul 06 at 18:09

  4. You have sold your soul to the trainer enemy!


    27 Jul 06 at 18:54

  5. is that first guy Björn Borg?


    27 Jul 06 at 20:20

  6. A ha! Thought so :-) Was walking home from work the other day when i saw the bus-stop poster and couldn’t help but grin…

    So did you get a freebie pair of these swanky new trainiers then? Are they any good?!? I don’t quite get it – does the ‘five steps and it inflates to fit’ bit mean within five clicks of the pedometer, or that there are five things you have to do? And do you have to do them every time you put them on or only the first time?

    Most intriguing.


    28 Jul 06 at 00:16

  7. OK, completely off-topic, but I really like that there’s a girl on the top deck of the bus waving at the camera.


    28 Jul 06 at 02:02

  8. I think that’d be angry John (as far as I remember from the book)…

    Congratulations, Craig (you are going to have another one of those “big companies are evil” attacks soon, I guess, but you’ll be able to affort your move – good on ya!)!




    28 Jul 06 at 07:50

  9. Maru haha.
    That kid on the bus is ace.
    You know Mike Skinner gets a new pair of Reeboks every week after doing those adds? Just a thought..


    28 Jul 06 at 10:58

  10. Very cool! Thanks for sharing the picture and congratulations ;-)


    29 Jul 06 at 19:11

  11. Of topic too, but have you should check out this site: http://www.iconfactory.com


    31 Jul 06 at 01:27

  12. Your pictures on British buses? Can you become any bigger I wonder? I should not think so! *Bowing in I’m-not-worthy-fashion*

    And we know you, Craig! Ok, we don’t KNOW know you, but you know what I mean. ;)

    Way to go, Craig!


    31 Jul 06 at 23:15

  13. yeah but did you get free shoes?


    2 Sep 06 at 02:08

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