Flip Flop Flying


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Mini or real, it’s all over now.
Normal life resumes.

How fantastic was Zidane’s headbutt?
None of yer messy post-pub headbutts for him; nope, a very very stylish piledriver right in the chest. Superb.

Written by Craig

July 10th, 2006 at 1:19 pm

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  1. i wish i’d known that move when i used to fight with one of my oh-so-tall brothers.


    10 Jul 06 at 14:36

  2. The question is, what did the italian player say ?
    Any guess?
    Probably something really not nice about his mum…


    10 Jul 06 at 16:14

  3. I’m thinking something like “Your mother’s head-scarf smells like [insert body part here]”


    10 Jul 06 at 17:29

  4. is the body’s natural responce to a head butt in the chest to fall back so dramatically that you almost to a backflip?

    ….i’m just saying is all

    oh, and now that its all over, here are the (alturnative) stats of the tournament….

    mrs boohbah

    10 Jul 06 at 17:35

  5. It reminded me of that episode of The Simpsons were Bart won an Elephant (or $1m) on the radio. When they finally have to give it up to a wildlife reserve, a guy in a Safari suit is explaining that the elephant will be happy there but is shacking left and right every second or so.

    Camera pans down to show Homer doing a rhino impression and headbutting the guy in the rib cage. “Please stop that, Mr Simpson!”. Classic.

    Matt Sephton

    10 Jul 06 at 20:58

  6. According to the news this morning, the Italian player said “your sister is a prostitute”. Not the most original of insults, but it obviously did the trick. I agree regarding his technique- very classy.


    11 Jul 06 at 02:13

  7. I didn’t get the whole ref didn’t see it confusion. Why is there even a referee still on the field? Almost 50 highspeed cameras scan the field, and there’s the guy with his notepad and two cards…

    There should be a replay and a massive display. Period.


    11 Jul 06 at 03:30

  8. That headbutt has made Zidane the sexiest headbutting footballer around. I have no idea how many women I’ve talked to about it that were like “oh, wow…that’s hot!”

    It’s twisted, but true.


    11 Jul 06 at 12:58

  9. (Just to go really low brow…) it was a little bit Ram-Man from He-Man, wasn’t it? Who’d have known that awful ’80s cartoon was so influential in 2006?

    Mr Sneeze

    13 Jul 06 at 17:04

  10. ‘Twas indeed a moment to be savoured. Why not go out with a bang!


    16 Jul 06 at 08:26

  11. How fantastic was Zidane. Period. Got his picture in my phone… *sigh*


    17 Jul 06 at 10:41

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