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The good life

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There are moments in life that should be treasured. As I’m a bit of a half-empty kinda person, I need to take the time to appreciate these things; to remind myself that the world isn’t all bad.

Things like seeing Maradona celebrating like all the other Argentina fans whenever they scored a goal.
The first bite of a nice crunchy piece of toast smothered in Marmite.
The view of Manhattan from a taxi window after seven hours on an aeroplane.
The cuteness of Billy when he’s doing little dreamy woofs when he’s asleep.
Larry David saying, ‘Pre-taaay, pre-taaay, pre-taaay good.’
Or something as simple as watching a ladybird that’s landed on your arm.

This morning I had one of those moments.
I woke up, saw that it was already gone half past ten and stumbled towards the shower. I was very very tired. I turned the water on, then pissed in the shower (not only does it save time, it also saves the water you’d normally use for flushing. Plus, it’s good to feel the freedom and warmth of having your own urine on your feet; something you’d ordinarily do everything possible to avoid doing).

I got clean, stepped out, grabbed a towel, got rid of most of the excess water, then went and sat on the edge of my bed. Then I flopped back and rested my head on the scrunched-up duvet. Then I slivered myself up completely onto the bed. Then I fell asleep, still damp from the shower. I woke up just before midday, no longer tired, and already clean for the day.

It was beautiful moment. If something better happens to me today, then I’m a very lucky boy.

Written by Craig

July 8th, 2006 at 3:31 pm

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  1. x


    9 Jul 06 at 02:28

  2. …and??


    9 Jul 06 at 12:25

  3. I understand. I lived in Finland for a while in the spring, I woke up to a beautiful warm, bright day and went to draw by the newly flowing river, sat in an old canoe. I ate some sandwiches then cycled home for a nap. Then I got to wake up to that beautiful day for a second time. It was ace.


    9 Jul 06 at 16:51

  4. Life is full of small pleasures. Some of my favorites are the sound of pouring milk onto cornflakes and the exact moment you decide you will have your first cup of coffee of the day.

    How can this blog post sound so different from some of the others of the past weeks, Craig? Putting some weight in the positivity scale to give yourself a mental boost? Does it work?


    10 Jul 06 at 10:13

  5. wow. did you feel a little guilty? I always do, which ruins the whole moment for me..


    10 Jul 06 at 19:57

  6. Oh, that was sweet.


    15 Jul 06 at 10:23

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