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46 minutes of niceness

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Seeing as though I’ve spent the week writing about music, I thought it might be time to listen to some. So I’ve made you a tape. Well, an mp3. It’s 46 minutes and 53MB. I’ve given it the really fancy name, August Mix. The word ‘mix,’ of course, is used in the loosest possible way: the songs collide more than anything.
This is what’s on it:

‘Breezin” George Benson
Just a tiny snippet of the intro cos it’s pretty.

‘A Nanny in Manhattan’ Lilys
An ace song, from an ace album, that wasn’t ruined by being on a Levi’s advert in, oooh, 1997, I think.

‘Communication Breakdown’ Roy Orbison
Not a Led Zep cover, just a superb song.

‘A Magazine Called Sunset’ Wilco
Can be downloaded on its own – for free – from this page on Wilco’s website. Even their free songs are ace…

‘Hear the Air’ Mo Ho Bish O Pi
A Welsh band from my 3mv days. Dunno what the rest of their music sounds like, but this one’s a belter.

‘What a Fool Believes’ The Doobie Brothers
One of the best songs ever recorded.

‘It’s Too Late’ Otis Redding
One of the songs that Kanyé sampled on his last album.

‘Sombre Hombre’ Tim ‘Love’ Lee
A man with wonderful facial hair, and a very nice chap to boot.

‘Eclipse’ The Beta Band
Off the brilliant Hot Shots II album, which you really should buy.

‘Different Drum’ Michael Nesmith
The bloke with the green hat out of the Monkees, the inventor of MTV, and creator of some fine country records in the seventies.

‘Chinese Children’ Devendra Banhart
I like the lyrics.

‘Convoy’ CW McCall
You wanna put that microbus in behind the suicide jockey?

‘Soluble in Air’ Mystery Jets
My favourite song off an album I’m obsessing on at the moment.

‘Here I Go Again’ Whitesnake
C’mon, you know you love it, really.

I’ll leave the mp3 online for about a week, so if you want it, grab it soon.
And if you like it, maybe I’ll do a September mix.

Written by Craig

August 17th, 2006 at 3:21 pm

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  1. Wow – that Wilco song is fantastic.
    Really superb. Thanks for this – it’s making a long slog of a working day much more enjoyable.

    Ian Mac

    17 Aug 06 at 16:42

  2. > ‘Hear the Air’ Mo Ho Bish O Pi

    I think this might have been used on an advert at some point as well. Or I guess so, as I seem to recognise it. Maybe it got Radio 1 airplay back around the turn of the millennium.


    17 Aug 06 at 22:08

  3. Oh, I like it very much!


    17 Aug 06 at 22:30

  4. Super sweet! Good idea, thanks. (Gotta love the Doobie Bros!)

    Reuben Whitehouse

    18 Aug 06 at 12:46

  5. I canĀ“t wait for the September Mix!!! Great compilation, excelent taste…

    Hugz from Buenos Aires (a place where your Minipops Book became a precious jewel, everyone hates me for having a signed copy!!!!)


    18 Aug 06 at 19:46

  6. Nice mix Craig, a new monthly items is born.


    19 Aug 06 at 00:13

  7. Nice mix Craig! Tryin to get your job back at Vienna’s? ;)

    Simon John Parkin

    22 Aug 06 at 12:21

  8. Michael McDonald rocks. Some other nice tunes on there, too.

    Matt Sephton

    22 Aug 06 at 16:03

  9. Sorry for the irrelevant comment but I had to post this link:


    So Craig, are you a 30 year old carpenter living in berlin?



    22 Aug 06 at 18:11

  10. ooh, if i send you My copy of minipops will you sign it for me??

    hello after an absence! nice mix tape. i’ve been in mozambique… (there’s a song about that too – bob dylan).

  11. Thanks for the music Craig, always been a big fan of mixtapes and that’s a great one! The Devendra Banhart tune’s just wonderful – thought i’d like him but somehow never got round to listening before so thanks for that one especially.

    One more vote for a regular monthly mix :-)


    22 Aug 06 at 23:56

  12. come on! it’s still white snake…

    good mix though.


    23 Aug 06 at 15:51

  13. very nice stuff, very nice indeed.

    herr alan

    23 Aug 06 at 22:11

  14. ace. Tim is indeed a lovely facially haired man. And Michael Nesmith is a legend


    26 Aug 06 at 00:38

  15. Sweet. I’ll be sure to download it.

    However, right now I’m listening to John Mayer’s Continuum which is set to drop on September 12th. He leaked it earlier this week when he played it on an L.A. radio station. Due to the wonder that is the net, folks immediately recorded and digitized it. So, if anyone wants it, I’ve linked to the files on my blog. I don’t link back to myself in comments, but this is the only way to share it, so here is the link: http://expatjane.blogspot.com/2006/08/john-mayer-continuum-cd-debut-on-star.html

    Yes, it’s legal, you can pirate radio.

    Once I’ve gotten over listening to Continuum over and over, I’ll put this mix on my PDA! Much thanks Craig!


    26 Aug 06 at 14:01

  16. Nice nice! Do a Sept one soon. =)


    28 Aug 06 at 06:13

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