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I had a few days away from Berlin and went to a festival about an hour outside of Düsseldorf. It was the Haldern Pop Festival and had a very nice line-up (Lambchop, Mogwai and The Twilight Singers were the headline acts).

I’m ashamed to say that I thought of time and price over environment and flew there on an airline called DBA. Americans reading this next sentence may well faint: among the complimentary newspapers you can choose from as you board the plane was Playboy. Yes, ladies in the nude! For free!

My main reason for going was to see a friend who manages a young band, Mumm-Ra, who were playing there. So lucky for me, I had one of those fancy dangly passes around my neck which meant I could swan around like one of those people you always hate: nipping backstage to get a free beer or some free food whenever I wanted to.
But, it’s not that glamorous. Just some benches and caravans, really.

I didn’t really see that many bands, though. The aformentioned Mumm-Ra were good. Mystery Jets and The Zutons were both enjoyable too.

Being able to hide in a hospitality marquee when it pissed down with rain was a bonus.

Still, my jeans and sweatshirt were still damp when I left on Saturday morning, so I traipsed around Düsseldorf for a couple of hours before I flew home, wet and a bit stinky. Of course, there was only one thing I really wanted to see while I was there – this building:

It doesn’t look like much, does it? But, somewhere behind that metal shutter is Kraftwerk’s studio, Kling Klang. That’s another of my life’s gotta-do things ticked off: standing outside their studio, listening to their music on my headphones. Having damp clothes wasn’t part of that dream, but life’s not always perfect, is it?

Written by Craig

August 7th, 2006 at 4:33 pm

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  1. Hi Craig!

    Good to have you back!
    Did you or did you not present us (leechlike, supercurious) blog-followers with your life’s gotta-do list already? If not – that would be a great way to loose some more of your privacy and to make our imaginary friend Craig one step more familiar…

    That came across a bit creepy…sorry! I’m just curious what else would be on the list (or what you have already ticked off and are proud of) – one of those list things, where the comments then are full of list from your following – so that the score evens out!

    Again – good to have you back – makes a workday less boring!




    7 Aug 06 at 17:20

  2. Mogwai rock.


    7 Aug 06 at 21:23

  3. Playboy as an in-flight magazine? DBA clearly stands for Dirty B*st*rd Airlines…..

    the marshall

    9 Aug 06 at 10:29

  4. Well, pretty close to perfect, eh?

    The Playboy-thing really ticked me off…


    9 Aug 06 at 18:43

  5. Why did it tick you off? It’s only Playboy… Honestly, I’d rather see Playboy on the plane than some fake, lame version like FHM or Loaded.


    9 Aug 06 at 19:44

  6. or The Sun?


    10 Aug 06 at 11:22

  7. They’re worse. Should the Sun’s office have a gas explosion and kill everyone that worked there; well, I’d spent the rest of the day smiling, that’s for sure.


    10 Aug 06 at 11:27

  8. Ooh Kling Klang. Are you stalking them?
    When Andy and I went to see Kraftwerk at the Montreux Jazz Festival last year (incongruous as that sounds) I did contemplate hanging sround the stage door to see I could get to be “close” to them.
    Then I assumed they get carried out in flight cases just like their robots.
    It’s a life’s dream of mine to go to Kling Klang too.

    Ian Mac

    10 Aug 06 at 14:11

  9. let me pass! let me pass! im with the band!
    yeah, he’s with the band.

    i miss emailing.
    how are you these days?

    i was traveling around usa and thats why ive been offline a lot.

    wondering how you are….



    12 Aug 06 at 20:47

  10. Hahaha…some Americans won’t faint as I’ve been to Germany. I nearly fainted when I saw the one step shy of porn phone sex TV ads, but now I’m used to it. Those mainland Europeans are just more accepting of our frisky natures. That’s all.

    However, I’m a weird progressive when it comes to certain things like drugs and prostitution. I think they should be legal, heavily regulated and taxed.


    15 Aug 06 at 12:04

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