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I’d hoped that all that music stuff last week would kick-start me into writing more and doing more stuff for FFF. It’s not really happened. I seem to be on a mental vacation. Anything that could possibly distract me is distracting me: DVDs (Munich, Election, Training Day, seasons one and two of Homocide: Life On The Street); PSP games (MLB 06: The Show [I’m playing, of course, as the Yankees and doing rather well, .680 for the season so far] and Miami Vice [I know, I know; I shouldnt’ be buying film tie-in games, but the temptation to sneak around and shoot people was too great]); live baseball on mlb.com (a five game sweep of the Red Sox… perfect!); walking Billy around different parks for a bit of variety; or just lying in the bath for hours on end, not really relaxing, just lying there with a fairground at work inside my head.
But I did enjoy lying at the ‘wrong’ end of the bath. Mine is one of those that’s like a miniature swimming pool, where it’s a bit shallower at one end so your back has some nice support (even so, baths are rarely a really comfortable thing to be in, are they?). And, as usual, I over-filled the bath with hot water, so had to put in a load of cold water, which meant way too much water overall. So as I lay down with my head resting on the turning dial that opens and shuts the plug, the water was seeping out of the overflow which is directly behind the dial. It sounded like the water was flowing out of my brain. Which couldn’t be further from the truth, cos over the past couple of weeks I’ve had water getting into my ears and blocking them up.
But, without wishing to be coarse, there are still very few pleasures in life as giggle-inducing as breaking wind in the bath. Honestly, the day I stop laughing at that is the day I should be carted of to a retirement home and left to rot in front of daytime telly. It’s just so much fun: the submarine noise and the tickle of the bubbles on the thighs and the pleasant popping of the bubbles when they reach the surface.
Blah blah blah…
Anyway, perhaps and maybe I should embrace my brain forcing me to stop thinking, let it re-charge itself a little.
(Oh, and a final quick note: if the person who recognised Billy and me on the street yesterday and said hello is reading this, I apologise for not being in any way close to human in my replies; I was surprised, a little embarrassed, and my mind was in the clouds. Sorry.)

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August 23rd, 2006 at 2:18 pm

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  1. It’s official. You are blogging about farting in the bathtub.


    23 Aug 06 at 19:24

  2. I know… lame, isn’t it?


    23 Aug 06 at 19:29

  3. you should meet my boyfriend. he’s a PRO at farting, whether it be in the bathtub or anywhere for that matter! mind you, i have to admit that various farts have induced side-splitting laughter….how about this one – once he farted so loud in his sleep that he woke not only me up but himself as well. 5 years later, it’s still amazingly funny!


    24 Aug 06 at 17:03

  4. i wish you were on myspace


    25 Aug 06 at 04:01

  5. Why? For what reason?
    I don’t really understand the function of myspace.

    (And I have no desire to participate in anything that adds to Rupert Murdoch’s evil empire.)


    25 Aug 06 at 12:55

  6. You’re getting old, then.

    My Englishness stopped me coming up and saying hi when I saw you in Arundel. That and Arundel not being Berlin.

    You need to move, I think (not that I have a clue but that’s one of the perks of the net). Berlin is farting in the bathwater of your life. Brighton time!


    28 Aug 06 at 22:51

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