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Pet Sounds

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There are few things more boring in life than hearing some Beach Boys fan bang on about how brilliant Pet Sounds is. I’m very very guilty of being that boring person; in the corner of the room, droning on about how Brian Wilson blah blah blah… there doesn’t even need to be anyone there for me to talk to.

The pedestal that the album is put upon shouldn’t take away from the magic of the album itself, though. Who gives a toss if a lot of music journalists think it’s the best record ever? It’s what you think that matters for you, it’s what I think that matters for me. If you think Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory is the best album ever, then it is (you’d be very very wrong about that of course, you demented freak).

My point? I have none, other than suggesting that you may be interested to listen to this mp3 I cobbled together of all the songs on Pet Sounds playing at the same time. It still sounds quite good, I reckon.

Written by Craig

August 15th, 2006 at 11:50 pm

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  1. I’d like to hear Pet Sounds on vinyl. The sound mix on the CD I have sounds very flat.


    16 Aug 06 at 01:00

  2. Oh dear Craig, or should that be Oh Dear! Craig! Why did you do that? I’m afraid your Mp3 ruined my morning! I’ll just have to refresh the system with a little Grand Wazoo…or Sheik Yerbouti..Try it, a little madness on a Wednesday does the soul good.

    Magic Door

    16 Aug 06 at 12:56

  3. I had never heard Pet Sounds until now. All the fuss people made turned me off I suppose. Now thanks to you, I got it over with in a few short minutes!


    16 Aug 06 at 16:00

  4. That’s what it sounds like inside my head most days! I just didn’t recognize it as “Pet Sounds”. Makes me feel a whole lot saner all of a sudden, err, wait…

    Seriously though…nice idea. It gave me the chills, it overwhelmed me, things began to fall eerily into a sort of rhythm…and those enchanted sleigh bells…

    I wonder if this could be a personality test of sorts…like, what song do *you* here the vocals from? I hope it’s not accurate though as I kept hearing “Sometimes I feel very sad..” ;)


    16 Aug 06 at 16:53

  5. Reminds me of the begining of the film Contact.

    I could make out “wouldn’t it be nice” every so often.

    Cornish Pasty

    16 Aug 06 at 18:26

  6. You’ve made my mouth water just thinking about Cornish pasties now.


    17 Aug 06 at 15:37

  7. As a demented freak that loves Linkin’ Park, I would have to say that LP has at least one song that’s better than the Pet Sounds mash-up…


    17 Aug 06 at 20:17

  8. Pet Sounds completely rules. I discovered it during my first year at university and now I can’t dissociate it from the smell of my room in college halls.


    30 Aug 06 at 23:33

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