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I thought I’d do some Minipops today to snap me out of my funk.
So I concentrated on people I like: baseball players.
Specifically pitchers.
(How very uninteresting for the non-North Americans/non-baseball fans reading this, huh?)
Anyway, there’s ten of them. Five from the AL, five from the NL. There they are, above these words.
Maybe you fancy guessing who they are. Maybe not.
If you wanna know the answers, you can find them here.

Written by Craig

August 24th, 2006 at 3:59 pm

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  1. Hi

    Anti-Funk? I love Funk – do, do, dodo, do, d’goung, ching, d’goung, ching … getting carried away there, sorry…

    I don’t have cable, so baseball’s almost a non entity in my life, but I do recognize Randy Johnson – well done portrait…
    (I remember him from a recent stay in a hotel in Toronto – where I had cable…)
    I di like watching the game there a lot (but not enough to order cable – not good for a procrastinating soul – too much temptation)




    24 Aug 06 at 16:42

  2. addition:

    By teh way – during my stay in Toronto I missed your whole number one series – which was good to read in one go as well, but which gave me no chance to pitch in with my memories… great stuff!



    24 Aug 06 at 16:44

  3. how come you are such a baseball fan? i think i’m right in thinking that you are english and i don’t know that many english baseball fans…
    go tribe! lol


    24 Aug 06 at 17:09

  4. When I was visiting New York, a friend took me to see the Yankees vs. Twins. I’ve been hooked ever since that miserable 7-3 defeat.


    24 Aug 06 at 18:17

  5. sounds mad but i could stare at the background of that picture all day.


    25 Aug 06 at 12:51

  6. craig!
    you got to see this:


    they were in san jose and i was there for that isea thing.

    click on practice and have fun!

    its you kind of thing.

    (having a goodbye nacho libre style)



    25 Aug 06 at 13:32

  7. ps

    practice the hey ya outkast song..
    its sweet!


    25 Aug 06 at 13:35

  8. It’s funny how Randy Johnson jumps out as the most recognizable pops pitcher right away. I can’t believe you illustrated a Red Sox.

    Bad Yankees fan!!!!!!!!!!!



    25 Aug 06 at 14:46

  9. He used to be a Yankee, though…

    And sometimes, some people just make good Minipops: Hitler, for example. Doesn’t mean I’m a Nazi.

    You’re just bummed I didn’t do an Oriole, right? : )


    25 Aug 06 at 15:51

  10. Yes.



    25 Aug 06 at 19:20

  11. Oh no! So you now belong to the very fashionable gradients&blur; sect!
    What’s funny with your minipops, is that they look so old-fashioned. This kind of background doesn’t match, to me. It looks like hanging a contemporary steel light in a renaissance living-room.


    26 Aug 06 at 08:54

  12. What, no Justin Verlander?


    7 Sep 06 at 20:24

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