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103 diamonds

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103 diamonds in Manhattan is a drawing that combines several things I like: Google Earth, New York, baseball, and organising stuff. It’s a map of all the places where there are marked areas for people to play baseball or softball in Manhattan, and is kind of a natural progression from the 30 Ballparks thingy.

Written by Craig

September 22nd, 2006 at 11:54 am

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  1. It’s beautiful.

    It may be more appropriate to use a specifically New York (or even just US) typeface rather than an archetypal English one from the 1920s.
    Famous NY typographers that spring to mind are Ed Benguiat and Herb Lubalin (who, along with Tom Carnasse, made Avant Garde Gothic). There are also loads of beautiful fonts from Hoefler Frere-Jones (NY)

    The NY subway mostly uses a varient of Akzidenz Grotesk (from Berlin).

    Gill Sans seems a bit lazy in this context.

    Peter Cushion

    22 Sep 06 at 15:06

  2. Well done Craig! I hope this becomes a beautiful series!


    22 Sep 06 at 17:38

  3. hey… happy birthday!!!


    22 Sep 06 at 19:07

  4. Do something of Xabi Alonsos belter!


    23 Sep 06 at 16:07

  5. Peter: Thanks for the comments. You’re right about the laziness, but, I can’t help myself: it’s my favourite typeface.

    b7b: I hope so too.

    Yuko: Thank you.

    Jennifer: Yep, that’d be lovely.


    23 Sep 06 at 17:27

  6. I really like all these!

  7. Who’s the second doggy in the lovely new design?


    27 Sep 06 at 00:41

  8. That’s Tessa, the dog I had as a teenager.


    27 Sep 06 at 19:37

  9. Going to Berlin 9th – 13th november. Any tips on fun things to do? (besides the Short Film Festival) Want to go for a drink? (Go on, live a little, when was the last time you had a blind date?)


    29 Sep 06 at 16:41

  10. does the relationship between blogger and comment-leavers make you feel more, or less alone?


    1 Oct 06 at 13:56

  11. it looks like an elephant mouth.
    very nice!


    3 Oct 06 at 11:58

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