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Don’t you just hate those ‘blanktastic’ or ‘blankalicious’ type of words? God, they rub me up the wrong way. Nearly as much as the superfluous use of multiple exclamation marks!!! Or when people insist their band has a lower case letter at the beginning, like blink 182 or k.d.lang. Or when people spell ‘rock’ as ‘rawk.’

Anyway, every day from now until the day I leave this city, I will have to look at a ‘blankalicious’ word, as one of the empty offices on the ground floor is now a pubic hair removal shop which offers ‘bodylicious waxing.’ That sign on the door isn’t quite as bad, though, as the thought of a mountains of greasy pubic hair in the bins in the back yard.

For no reason whatsoever – mainly cos I’m a bit bored and don’t know what to do with myself, I suspect – here’s some photos that I took with my mobile telephone.

Written by Craig

September 11th, 2006 at 7:02 pm

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  1. I agree about the exclamation marks. Even if people use just one at a time, I get annoyed when they use one after nearly every sentence. I always looks like they are über-excited about whatever they are writing about, like these people on homeshopping-channels.


    11 Sep 06 at 19:38

  2. Yeah that really SuXx!!!


    11 Sep 06 at 23:28

  3. Très Nathan Barley.


    12 Sep 06 at 01:45

  4. Douglas Coupland would have written of this behaviour: “he always talks big time


    12 Sep 06 at 09:14

  5. your mobile phone is like a Lomo that actualy works.


    lots of love



    12 Sep 06 at 11:41

  6. Sounds like they need to get in Mr. Tourette to spruce up their signage. ‘C*nt Stripping Agony’ maybe?


    12 Sep 06 at 12:35

  7. Man, I love this post!!! Flip Flop Flyalicious.


    12 Sep 06 at 21:58

  8. Today I am wearing shinylicious lip gloss. It’s so very extreme (or “X-treme!!!”) that my coworkers may be blinded, but it’s all worthwhile in the name of whateverlicious fashion.


    12 Sep 06 at 23:23

  9. From the Bootilicious Swede;

    What on Earth? When you could have bought the K800i? But ok, I agree with Dave – as a Lomo it’s great. =)


    13 Sep 06 at 16:00

  10. i have waited yonks to write this to you because i was on holiday and the computer i used there was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too slow!
    I was wandering the streets of Lanzarote (Puerto del Carmen) and I saw a sign for “bodylicious”…i thought that was what you had written about but wasn’t sure so had to wait all this time to double check! Yay! I hate -licious things too but squealed with glee (much to bystander’s amusement) when i saw the sign! sign-a-licious, dude!


    29 Sep 06 at 01:50

  11. hi im jo! the owner of bodylicious in lanzarote!!! and im so pleased you found such amusement in the name of my salon, and want to thank you for my recognition on the net any publicity is good publicity so they say!!!
    p.s. we dont only wax pubes we also do massage nails and tanning as well as all the usual beauty tretments you will find in a beauty salon!!!
    cheers everyone lotsa love jo xxx!


    17 Apr 08 at 18:28

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