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The freshly redesigned Flip Flop Flyin’ is online today.
It would have been online way back in June had I not got bogged down in some technical coding malarkey which drove a red hot poker of boredom through my skull for two and a bit months.
‘And, Craig, did you overcome your technical limitations?’ I believe you might be asking right now.
The answer to your question is ‘No.’
I was walking with Billy this afternoon and wondered why the hell I was letting something like a bit of coding bring my plans crashing down, and swiftly devised a plan to side-step them and not incorporate this bloggy stuff onto the front page of the site as I’d wanted.
So this entry, originally planned to be a goodbye to the Flip Flop Flying with a G arena of weblogging, err, isn’t a goodbye at all. The blog stays where it is. Here.
And the main site just looks a bit different. Hopefully it’s a bit simpler and easier to navigate. Hopefully a bit of a reshuffle of the furniture might allow you to see things on the site you might’ve forgotten about. There are a few bits and bobs that were hidden away which are now a bit more prominent, and there’s some old stuff back up that’s been offline for ages, too.
I’ll stop blabbing now. Hope you like it. And if you spot any stupid errors in my coding that makes the page looks a bit shitty, please be so kind as to drop me a quick email.

Written by Craig

September 20th, 2006 at 2:44 am

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  1. I really like it Craig- I like the colours and it feels a lot more open. I also really like the clickable thingos on the top right- makes the site a lot easier to navigate. Well done!


    20 Sep 06 at 07:17

  2. Just scimming the title of you post, I thought it said “FFF resigns”. But it doesn’t, which is good. Like the redesign.


    20 Sep 06 at 09:56

  3. Being crap at this too, I don’t know why it’s not working, but for me menu and menu2 are not found, and the top banner doesn’t load, nor the thing beneath it/ All I get is the news section down the middle. I’m using firefox and I feel likesaying that gives me more credibility.

    P.S I even dug up IE and it doesn’t work for me there either.



    20 Sep 06 at 09:57

  4. Ed, that’s the old site in your browser’s cache, I think. Sprinkle magic dust on your compter monitor and it’ll work perfectly.


    20 Sep 06 at 11:16

  5. This is driving me up the wall. It works on FF on my other computer, but not this one, and no matter how many alt + a + elephant + cntrl + F5 type force refresh or options>cache>clear cache things I do, it refuses to load the new version. Anyone with any ideas?


    20 Sep 06 at 13:11

  6. Craig

    20 Sep 06 at 13:15

  7. Success! TVM. Will try and get the slightly easier to remember URL working still.

    As for the new design, I like it very much. It feels a lot more Web 2.0 (that’s a compliment aswell as another excuse for jargon)and the text as text is a very good thing, as is having just ‘everything’ in the right hand element. Thumbs up!


    20 Sep 06 at 18:51

  8. I like it.
    Ed – what’s the elephant for?

  9. Ooh yeeees, that’s grand! So much cleaner and I especially like the “click on the character you like the look of” bit, that really works. It’s great to be spotting so much stuff i hadn’t seen before – a real treat. Would’ve loved to see your portrait exhibition but i think i first discovered you just after that would’ve finished…anyway, nice one :-)

    By the way, if you don’t mind an off-topic question, what programme do you use to build your monthly mp3s please?


    21 Sep 06 at 00:13

  10. Tori- there was one lying around so I tried it. Didn’t work.


    21 Sep 06 at 00:17

  11. Pesky elephants.

  12. Longbird: I use Apple’s GarageBand to do them.


    21 Sep 06 at 18:49

  13. I like the new design. I found something I’d not seen before: I Love Colette. I liked it so much, I had to have a bit of fun. Colette semi-anagrams. A few more letters could make it really interesting…


    23 Sep 06 at 04:38

  14. Very nice. Given that you have more content than the BBC I think you have done a very good job!

    I like that your Gran is still in there too. I very much enjoyed her apple pie recipe.


    25 Sep 06 at 08:54

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