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Friends! It’s September Mix time

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Thanks for the encouraging comments regarding the August Mix. Here, for one week only, is the September Mix.
This is what’s on it:

Emperor Tomato Ketchup – Stereolab
I once played this song when my mother was around. She made that “this isn’t music!” face and chuckled. It’s my favourite Stereolab song.

The Storm – World of Twist
A band that should have been big, but, of course, the world only had space for The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays to be the Mancunian big boys as th eighties crossfaded into the nineties. So World of Twist bubbled beneath The Charlatans, Inspiral Carpets, even Northside. Yet they made three perfect singles, a super Rolling Stones cover, a great album, and then drifted off leaving a few of us with an underappreciated band to champion. Sadly, their singer Tony Ogden died earlier this year.

Chrome Radio Rocks – The Toes
Off a Sonic Mook Experiment compilation. I know nothing about this band other than this song, and that “Rocking with The Toes” was a common catchphrase in my house at the time.

Never My Love – The Association
Oh how clever I am with my mixtape skills… Yeh, whatever; this is the song that the previous song samples. Apparently this song is one of the most-played songs ever. Weird that, cos I’d not heard it before until it came on a radio station when I was driving around in Mexico in January. Little did I know that this song was on an album that was gathering dust in a pile of CDs in my bedroom.

New Mistake – Jellyfish
Any band that has Supertramp as a fairly obvious influence is alright by me.

We’re All In This Together – Ben Lee
Aaaah, we are, aren’t we?

Marwa Blues – George Harrison
From his splendid posthumous Brainwashed album. When I went on a long weekend to Wales with my mates last year, we were driving around, chatting away, and this song came on BBC Radio Two. We all went quiet. At the end there was a lovely smattering of “Ooh, that was nice”-type comments, before we got back to discussing the woes of Nottingham Forest.

Never Enough – Rob
I bought Rob’s album Satyred Love when I was wanting something new to listen to and had no idea what to buy. This album had a nice sleeve, and was released by the lovely French label Source: how bad could it be? Not bad at all, in fact. This song is the best one on that album. I do wonder though why he chose such an ordinary name to release his records under.

‘Til I Die (Alternate mix) – The Beach Boys
The regular version of this song, on the Surf’s Up album, is one of Brian’s best songs. I found this version, though, on a promo copy of their Stack-O-Tracks album. It’s subsequently been put out on the Endless Harmony Soundtrack, and was apparently mixed by an engineer for his own enjoyment. It’s divine.

One Of Us – Abba
I could listen to this song twenty times a day and it’d still break my heart every single time.

Sweet Emotion – Aerosmith
Grab a broom, wrap a couple of scarves around it, pretend to be Steven Tyler.

That’s it. The October Mix might be a bit different. I might do a rocky one, or I might do a guilty pleasures-type thing. Whatever, I hope you enjoy the September one.

Written by Craig

September 6th, 2006 at 1:09 pm

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  1. Sppoky – Never My Love, Til I Die and Marwa Blues have all been playing non-stop on my iPod this month.

    I like this development..



    6 Sep 06 at 13:57

  2. “One of Us” eh?
    What about “The Winner Takes it All”?


    6 Sep 06 at 14:07

  3. That’s a beauty, too. In a melancholy mood, I’d say those two songs, played back to back, were the best songs ever.


    6 Sep 06 at 15:04

  4. Oooo Craig! Can’t wait! Saving your mix for a roadtrip I’m taking tonight.


    6 Sep 06 at 16:13

  5. I’m taking it to Lanzarote with me! wahey! I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes Abba although I have to say that ‘Angel Eyes’ is the one I love at the moment!
    Thanks for the other tracks – most I’ve not heard of and it’s always nice to hear good new stuff!


    6 Sep 06 at 22:51

  6. Hey, i’m not the only straight guy liking Abba!
    Is Abba becoming cool to listen to?


    7 Sep 06 at 01:40

  7. “chiciquita” always got me.



    7 Sep 06 at 20:38

  8. lordy. never thought anyone else saw the link between abba and stereolab. stereolabba? i never played any of the lab to mother, though both she and fatha have become lambchop fans since i played during the occasional scrabble games.

    herr alan

    7 Sep 06 at 21:26

  9. Thanks for the mix. Enjoying it, going to whack it on in the car tomorrow morning. :-)


    10 Sep 06 at 02:07

  10. Oh, Craig, Craig…
    Will we ever see Stereolab minipops?
    Should I keep hoping, after all these years…? ;-)


    14 Sep 06 at 05:52

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