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Mariachi band in a Nissan

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Written by Craig

October 26th, 2006 at 11:19 pm

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  1. I meant to say how much I enjoyed the October Mix – do another one quick! I especially enjoyed the very unexpected Peter Sellers start.


    27 Oct 06 at 11:11

  2. I’m desperately trying to think of something confrontational to say about this picture… Um….


    27 Oct 06 at 15:06

  3. Nope, can’t think of anything. I like it. Is that Herbie ‘The Love Bug’ on the right?


    27 Oct 06 at 15:07

  4. Haha – it IS the LoveBug!!
    I didn’t get the October mix – my computer won’t let me download it. Oh well, the other ones were good.

  5. I’m sure that pristine blank bit of white wall on the left is crying out to be improved by the magic touch of Banksy.

    Ian Mac

    27 Oct 06 at 19:18

  6. Don’t mention walls in Mexico Ian.

    I love those trousers: They’d go really well with the wrestling mask Craig!


    27 Oct 06 at 22:51

  7. Craig, I have to ask mate, what do you use to create your monthly mixes? I can’t work out how to export an album as one track in iTunes.


    28 Oct 06 at 09:31

  8. I import all the songs into GarageBand. That takes care of it.


    28 Oct 06 at 09:50

  9. Good plan. I may have a tinker tonight (and then I’ll have a go on Garage Band – fnah).


    28 Oct 06 at 14:25

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