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October mix

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Here’s the third of my monthly mixes for you, cunningly called October Mix (47-ish MB, mp3):

Peter Sellers ‘She Loves You’
New Order ‘Love Vigilantes’
Ultrasound ‘I’ll Show You Mine’
Some Girls ‘Necessito’
Trio ‘Turaluraluralu’
T Rex ‘Hot Love’
Tommy James & the Shondells ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’
The Unicorns ‘Sea Ghost’
Tiger ‘Where’s the Love?’
Morrissey ‘The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get’
Sugarcubes ‘Fucking in Rhythm and Sorrow’
Super Furry Animals ‘For Now and Ever’

You know when someone makes you a tape and they put a bit of comedy or something wacky on there, you kinda think to yourself, ‘what a dick’?; well today, I am that dick – I put a comedy version of a Beatles song on there. But it’s Peter Sellers and he’s a comedy god, so his talent exempts me from being a dick.
As for the rest of it: A great New Order song; Ultrasound’s best song; a song by Juliana Hatfield’s band; a song by that German band that did ‘Da Da Da’ who are actually a fucking superb band and the one hit wonder-ness of ‘Da Da Da’ does them no justice; my favourite T Rex song; an earlier version of song most of you will know the Tiffany version of; the wonderful Unicorns; Tiger – a forgotten English band; Morrissey – a well-known English man; a jaunty lil’ Sugarcubes song; and a Super Furry Animals song which is my favourite last-song-on-an-album ever, which I think might be the theme of the November Mix, as finishing an album well and appropriately is an underrated aspect of the album as a concept.
Hope you enjoy. It’ll stay online for a week so grab it if you want it.

Written by Craig

October 9th, 2006 at 11:43 pm

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  1. Hi Craig.
    Not listened to this as yet but it looks great. Love the idea of the last songs compilation. Like you, I think that ending an album is definitely as important as starting it. I always put huge thought into what will be the closing track if I’m making a compilation for myself or somebody else.
    In recent years the best last song I can think of is Arcade Fire’s ‘In The Backseat’which gives me the shivers every single time. Other greats (IMHO) are ‘Afterhours’ from The Velvet Underground and Harry Nilsson’s ‘Perfect Day’ from Knnillssonn – which I know is a disc you love as much as I do.

    Ian Mac

    10 Oct 06 at 11:35

  2. Best mix so far!
    Don’t mind the Peter Sellers bit at all, probably because it isn’t sung.

    Looking forward to your ‘making ends meet’ album!


    11 Oct 06 at 09:39

  3. I’ve begun making a ‘first draft’ playlist in iTunes for the Last Songs mix, and it’s quite difficult to decide which one will be last. And the flow of the mix is gonna need some work, as all the ones I want to put on there sound so good as last songs not in-the-middle songs!
    Agree on all your favourites, Ian. Perfect Day is wonderful, and After Hours is, I guess, the ultimate Last Song.


    11 Oct 06 at 14:04

  4. Excellent mix! I have to commend you on the inclusion of “Hot Love” – my favorite T.Rex song as well, and a very underappreciated one in general.

    New Median

    12 Oct 06 at 18:18

  5. Off topic for this blog entry: It’s going to be hard to top Borat in your Pictorial Atlas entry on Kazakhstan… Can’t wait!


    13 Oct 06 at 13:04

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