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Aside from a bit of editing, my Atlas is finished now. Six months worth of work is now on the desk of the publisher, ready for their designy dudes to do the layout. I’m happy about this. Not only because finishing a big project like that is good, but it means I don’t really have to think about it all of the time. And I can get on with some new stuff for Flip Flop Flyin’.

To push myself to do stuff, I’m gonna try and do a drawing every day this week that I’ll put up here, then all together, as a complete work, on FFF next week. This is an idea that’s been sat as a bunch of scribbles in sketchbooks for about five years now. The finished thing will have two versions: one for children, one for adults and parents who think their children are ready for it. But I’ll explain more about that later. It’s probably gonna be called Days of the Rainbow. Or Colours of the Week. I’ve not decided yet. Here’s the first drawing.

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October 30th, 2006 at 12:15 pm

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  1. I can see now why people were suggesting you were jealous of Banky’s talents and much deserved success.

    Larnce Crowsfehr

    30 Oct 06 at 12:55

  2. What a strange thing to conclude that Craig might be jealous as if you could compare the stuff both of them are doing and then come up with a result. And you can “see [that] now” by looking at this one piece? My, you are something. You must be an art critic of a very special kind. I hope you at least earn money with your unique talent.


    30 Oct 06 at 18:12

  3. Oooh, flame war.

    Please leave the flames until yellow day, which I suspect will be Wednesday. For flames are more yellow than anything, I think.


    30 Oct 06 at 20:45

  4. I took Lance’s comment as sarcasm considering he had similar feelings about Mr Banks as I do.


    30 Oct 06 at 20:50

  5. Yes, sorry to anyone who thought I was serious. Should I have done a winky emoticon or a nerdy /sarcasm tag?

    Craig knows Lance is no hater.

    Larnce Crowsfehr

    31 Oct 06 at 01:20

  6. oh, I am sorry. Whatever happened to my sense of humor?


    31 Oct 06 at 09:39

  7. i am a little in love with this illustration. nicely done. can’t wait to see the rest!


    31 Oct 06 at 22:31

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