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Running and throwing

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The baseball season is over. St Louis Cardinals are world champions. Well done them. Here’s a couple more baseball-related things that I’ve done:

73,080 bases in 2006
Adding together the total number of bases ran by all the players on all the teams throughout the season. Working out how many miles that is (over 1.245 miles), and marking out how big a baseball diamond that would be.

716,083 pitches in 2006
Similarly, adding together all the pitches thrown, and mapping them as one continuous line. From St Louis, Missouri to the outskirts of Mumbai, India.

Written by Craig

October 28th, 2006 at 4:43 pm

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  1. Baseball fans really are the biggest number nerds, aren’t they? :)


    28 Oct 06 at 19:53

  2. There’s no such thing as a nerd – just somebody devoted to their chosen pursuit. ;)

    For me, that’s currently my old scooter.

    Matt Sephton

    29 Oct 06 at 11:29

  3. Love it Craig


    29 Oct 06 at 16:25

  4. I don’t get any of this basball stuff… :(


    30 Oct 06 at 10:21

  5. oh, i can’t even spell BASEBALL right… :((((((((((


    30 Oct 06 at 10:22

  6. That’s a fearsome scooter matt.


    30 Oct 06 at 22:01

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