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Looking at the camera

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Another small collection of photographs in the Collecting section of FFF. This time they’re from all over the place. I spent an afternoon looking through all the digital photographs on my computer searching for pictures I’d taken where somebody – a passer-by or something – just happened to be looking at the camera at the moment I took the shot. I wonder if any of these people will see their photo here?
Most of us, I guess, would dearly love to have a collection of the photographs other people take where we are in the background. That would be my ultimate dream photo album: hundreds of snaps of Peter and Jane at the top of the Empire State Building (and some beardy, speccy bloke in the background), Alan in front of the Brandenburg Gate (and some beardy, speccy bloke in the background), Julie and the kids on the beach (and some pale, beardy, speccy bloke in the background)…

Written by Craig

November 18th, 2006 at 1:21 pm

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  1. this is maybe my favorite thing ever. also, i was in m√ľnchen this week and i went to the pinakothek der moderne and your fun fun fun was there and i bought it. so maybe that is my favorite thing ever. not just the book but also the fact that it was there. it made me feel very happy and proud of you. can it also be found at some galleries here in berlin?


    19 Nov 06 at 00:07

  2. Hi Craig,
    When you come to Mexico City, surely I’ll appear in your photos.
    Believe me…


    19 Nov 06 at 06:36

  3. mm, Haldern girl.

    but what about the kid on the Minipops bus??


    19 Nov 06 at 20:34

  4. YES! i want to know. a photography student in rochester, nyc, once took a photo of me sitting on a bench next to a lake. i wondered what happened to the photo…

  5. hehe, I can see those photos. The beardy, speccy bloke, just a bit resembling Mr Craig, looking straight in the camera. A bewildered, maybe a little staring look. Love it.


    20 Dec 06 at 08:50

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