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The end

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I don’t want to do “blogging” any more.

I’ll still use this page to tell you if there’s new stuff on flipflopflyin.com, just in case any of you use the RSS to find out that particular information, but apart from that: no more blogging.

Of course, it’s possible I’ll change my mind in the new year, but right now, this feels pretty much like the end.

It was fun.

Thanks for reading.

Written by Craig

November 22nd, 2006 at 5:29 pm

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  1. darn.


    22 Nov 06 at 18:11

  2. that stinks.
    i’ll miss it!


    22 Nov 06 at 18:15

  3. Seriously? Oh well, guess I’ll have to find something else to make my homepage. What’s brought this on Craig, if you don’t mind my asking?


    22 Nov 06 at 18:53

  4. i’ll miss it too


    22 Nov 06 at 19:00

  5. it’s your choice – obviously…

    but I am sure that over the next days there will be loads of entries begging you to go on….

    looking back your blog was a reliable source of interesting, challenging and/or funny stuff – if that goes on without a G – fine!

    …if not a lot of us will go into mourning…




    22 Nov 06 at 19:01

  6. Noooooooooooooooooooooo………………….. !


    22 Nov 06 at 19:31

  7. You’ve been my RSS friend for a year now. Will miss this a lot.



    22 Nov 06 at 20:10

  8. You’ll be back :)


    22 Nov 06 at 22:54

  9. Aw Craig.

    I try not to take the whole too “blogging” thing too seriously, but you were the first, man, the first one I ever felt like reading on a regular basis, and I’ve been with you right from the start, so this is surprisingly upsetting :’-{

    I will truly miss your wonderful combination of sardonic wit and fantastic photos, though it’s good to know flipflopflyin’ will still be there as a source of gorgeous / touching / weird design and animation.

    Thanks mate and all the best.


    23 Nov 06 at 00:45

  10. I will miss you. good luck with everything.

    – aar


    23 Nov 06 at 04:22

  11. Good luck with whatever you choose to do. I’ve enjoyed reading the blog over the past couple of years- thank you for sharing your life with us. It’s been fun.


    23 Nov 06 at 06:16

  12. see ya big fella, I think the infamous “Banksy Blog” or “BB” must of taken it out of you…. oh well put your feet up young man

    p.s. loved the way you ended it

    p.p.s. comebacks never work out how you think they will.



    23 Nov 06 at 07:14

  13. but why :(

    Your blog is one of my favourite ones!
    I know we will all miss you.

    Good luck with whatever you are up to and I do hope you change your mind.


    23 Nov 06 at 07:54

  14. I agree with everyone here, it really is a genuine shame to see the blog go, I’ve been an avid reader since you first fired her up and I’ll miss your out-of-left-field view on the world. Glad you’ll be keeping up with FFF though. Take care beardy.


    23 Nov 06 at 08:55

  15. I’ll miss this blog.

  16. I’ll miss it too. Thanks for doing it for a while. Your blog introduced me to RSS. :)


    23 Nov 06 at 09:34

  17. That’s a real shame, but good luck to you.



    23 Nov 06 at 12:03

  18. ah, such a nice picture to mark the end. i’ll admit i haven’t kep track of FFF as much so it’s useful to update the blog about it.


    23 Nov 06 at 13:18

  19. I totally understand where you’re coming from.



    23 Nov 06 at 13:49

  20. I had a feeling this was coming.


    23 Nov 06 at 15:05

  21. hmmmm… i think it has been brewing for a while no?
    Good luck with whatever else you want to do in life- it seems like you haven’t been happy for a while, good luck finding your new source of fulfilment


    23 Nov 06 at 15:06

  22. Any chance of a Christmas Special?


    23 Nov 06 at 15:36

  23. aw shucks. so long, farewell and good luck. have enjoyed Flip Flop FlyinG since it started. you’re great – will look forward to buying your FFF World Atlas soon… All the best, tori x

  24. oh noes …. i will miss your blog but still, i checked your site before you started it and will keep checking

    please don’t ever leave the internets though


    24 Nov 06 at 14:20

  25. If you stop blogging, Bansky wins.


    24 Nov 06 at 15:26

  26. Hah bumhug

    Enfant Bouffante

    25 Nov 06 at 01:33

  27. oh nuts.

    Marc Snyder

    25 Nov 06 at 03:56

  28. Good luck, Craig. And thanks for the fun.


    25 Nov 06 at 10:14

  29. It’s a shame and I’ll really miss reading your bloggy.
    But I hope this means Flip Flop Flyin’ without a g will be more frequently updated?


    25 Nov 06 at 15:25

  30. you HAD to end it so you could put such a great ENDING PICTURE.

    thats a great way to leave, like a cowboy walking to the sunset’s direction.

    i think it all matches everything else in your life. closing some doors and opening others, the moviment of changing places, the cosmic rays hitting the poles during winter time, george harrison playing my sweet lord, packing another CD on a box, goodbye berlin, hello whatever is next… and so on.

    (yeah.. and this comment should come with an incense as a free gift)

    : )

    i wonder whats next!

    good luck.

    i should shut up now.

    fsssst. transmission, over.

    not gisele bunchen

    25 Nov 06 at 15:29

  31. Very rarely do I post, but I am so sad that you are not continuing the blog (I was bitterly disappointed when Billy stopped blogging as well). I’ve been lurking a little too long, as it feels like I am loosing a friend.

    Best wishes to you (and Pete and Bob, my favorites).


    26 Nov 06 at 23:49

  32. Can you at least give us a parting mix for when the credits roll?


    27 Nov 06 at 15:40

  33. :(


    27 Nov 06 at 23:44

  34. poo


    28 Nov 06 at 22:21

  35. :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

    i am very sad….

    why oh why!!!???


    28 Nov 06 at 22:24

  36. first it was billy, now its you, great pity!!


    29 Nov 06 at 18:18

  37. It was a good blog though. But you have to do what you have to do.


    Ben Fernström

    30 Nov 06 at 21:27

  38. so long and thanks for all the fish

    miss p.


    30 Nov 06 at 21:55

  39. Be Happy, Young Man!
    Thanks for the chuckles

    Magic Door

    5 Dec 06 at 15:05

  40. that’s a huge shame, you have a very way with words that rivals your arty eye.
    see you soon x

    James William Kendall Formerly Of Lincolnshire

    10 Dec 06 at 15:04

  41. Eventhough I understood it was coming, I will mourn your distance. You have been in my world for quite a few years now and I really really don’t want to loose the connection.

    All your ups and downs, your work, your thoughts, your distinction between the private and the not as private Craig. The Cnuties. Shit, I will so miss you.

    On the other hand, as one door is silently closing another may burst open. But… I want to be there when it does. Share it.

    Anyway, lots of love Craig and a safe return! If you ever choose to come back.

    /Elisabeth, Stockholm, Sweden


    20 Dec 06 at 09:00

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