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As I’ve mentioned before, gazing lovingly at Google Earth is something I do a lot. One thing I like is when the satellite images they use are pieced together and form some sort of weird perspective anomalies. Here’s three of them that I found while looking at Chicago last night (click the images for full size):

I also enjoyed this one, with the two images taken at different times of year: west of the train tracks, the trees are all bare, while the east side is lovely and summery.

And, slightly off topic, but it popped into my head when I was typing the word at the top of this entry; if you’re stuck for a good book to read, I thoroughly recommend “The Anomalies” by Joey Goebel.

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March 4th, 2007 at 12:23 pm

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  1. I think most of these are aerial rather than satelite pics, as a satelite would never take photos at such an angle as to show the builds like that. If you do the napkin-maths (I did) then you’re talking about a satelite with something like only an 800mm lens and a sensor of many hundreds of gigapixels in order to catch buildings at that angle at that resolution. I’ll take my geek hat off now.


    4 Mar 07 at 12:56

  2. Good point. And, nice hat.


    4 Mar 07 at 13:19

  3. this word is haunting me at the moment – looks like a good book


    7 Mar 07 at 12:12

  4. Anonymous

    7 Mar 07 at 14:42

  5. Oooh, lovely.


    30 Mar 07 at 11:28

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