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A while back I was asked by the lovely people at Colette to design a Dunny toy-thingy for the collection they were curating for Kid Robot. The other people doing this are all very impressive (Josh Petherick, Geoff McFetridge, Mike Mills, Geneviève Gauckler, Kuntzel & Deygas, Work In Progress and Sophie Toporkoff), and it was very flattering to be asked, so it’s with no small amount of happiness that I can finally show you what I did.
This is the fella:

The series is a “blind box” thing, which basically means you don’t know which of the Dunnys you are getting when you buy one.
They’re limited as hell, and go on sale on 8th March.

More info over at Colette‘s site, and even though there’s nothing there right now (apart from on the forum), I assume there’ll be info next week on kidrobot.com too.

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March 2nd, 2007 at 1:35 pm

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  1. Is it normal to be 28 and still love toys like this?

    Of course it is! (but it is completely NOT normal to answer my own questions….)

    Congrats again, you have designed a lovely, tiny, little thing that I would love to get!


    2 Mar 07 at 14:43

  2. As I’m eight years older than you, I really can’t comment!


    2 Mar 07 at 15:01

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