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March mix

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Another mix for you today. This is the ninth one I’ve cobbled together. As I’ve probably said before, they’re mainly based on what I’ve been listening to the most over the preceding weeks. I try and mix them up a bit, with newer stuff and older stuff, and not being too obscure for the sake of it. I’m sure the record industry would hate me if they noticed I was doing these mixes, but I also know that I’ve ended up being a lot of CDs after hearing stuff on other peoples’ websites. Thus I feel obliged to mention it: if you like any of the songs in particular, I’m quite sure the artists who made them would appreciate you investigating their music further.

Also, it’s difficult to tell from my stats how many people are listening to the mixes. I can see a certain amount of people click the link to the mp3, but I can’t tell whether you listen to the first 30 seconds in your browser, or download them and listen to them all the way through, or more than once. So, you know, if you have any thoughts – negative or positive – about the mixes, it’d be good to hear them.

Anyway, here’s the March Mix (46MB, 40m 10s). As always, it’ll be available for a week.

A few words about the songs:

Tinariwen “Matadjem Yinmixan”
One of the few areas of music that I’ve ignored for most of my life is the absurdly-named world music. I guess this stems from listening to John Peel as a teenager and not being particularly into the African music he’d play. Over the years, I’ve tried to get into Fela Kuti, but it’s not really happened. And, you know, the people who are into it always put me off. Oatmeal-perfumed hippies dancing like trees in the wind. Sorry. No. That’s wrong. But I heard a song by Tinariwen on the compilation CD that comes taped on the front of The Word magazine, and really liked it. Then I heard a few more songs on their website, bought the album, and a couple of weeks back, went to see them live. It was fantastic. This is my favourite song on their latest album, “Aman Iman.”

Serge Gainsbourg “Elisa”
What’s not to like about a pervy old French fella?

Daft Punk “Teachers”
Back when they were good and we didn’t have to try to like their songs because we wanted them to be good.

Diddy feat. Keyshia Cole “Last Night”
Once in a while, he does a song I like. Along with “Come With Me,” “Bad Boy For Life,” and “Diddy”, this is one of his best, I think.

Britney Spears “I’m A Slave 4 U”
You know, I find it very disheartening that there seems to be this zeal with which people on TV, in the papers, on the Internet, talk about Britney these days. For fuck’s sake, this woman is quite obviously having problems, yet we revel in them like it’s some sort of huge joke. (See also the sickening coverage of the death of Anna-Nicole Smith.) This song is on the mix simply to remind myself that Britney’s made some utterly great songs. And, damn, it’s a sexy-as-hell song.

Journey “Don’t Stop Believing”
Sometimes, and I imagine there are instances of this in everybody’s life, I can’t believe I’m the age I am and still doing some of the stuff I do. I still, once in a while, have toast with ketchup on it like I did when I was a kid, and I still pretend I’m gripping a microphone stand, stood on a stage in a big arena singing this song with all the adoration that it would bring. Of course, I’m really a 36 year old man pretending. Sat at my desk. With a confused cocker spaniel watching me.

The Raspberries “Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)”
This song has virtually everything you could want from a pop song. It’s one of my favourite ever songs. It just sounds amazing. It’s a great tune, it’s got lovely harmonies, and some spectacularly massive drumming. It’s got that bit where it sounds like it’s on the radio (I always wonder what that actually sounded like on the radio), and that brilliant false ending and reprise. I could listen to this song twenty times a day and not get bored of it.

Cheap Trick “I Want You To Want Me”
What is there to say? It’s just ace. Ace! ACE!

Harry Nilsson “All I Think About Is You”
This is off his stunning 1977 album “Knnillssonn.” It’s one of those songs that’s so pretty it makes me melt a bit.

Bruce Springsteen “I’m On Fire”
The Springsteen song that even people who don’t like him like.

The above post is brought to you by the following over-used adjectives: ace, amazing, brilliant, fantastic, good, great, lovely, and spectacular.

Written by Craig

March 22nd, 2007 at 11:25 am

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  1. After the January Mix, I bought Breakaway and Hot Shots II. I only really like breakaway on breakaway, but HS2 is a goldmine. I’ve downloaded all of them so far, except November which I missed.

    January has been my favourite because it felt summery, which to someone with seasonal adjustment disorder is a welcome relief when stuck in the middle of a Cambridge Winter.


    22 Mar 07 at 19:12

  2. If you haven’t seen it yet you might like to watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bbaRyDLMvA. It’s Craig Ferguson, an american talk show host talking about Britney Spears-jokes. I found this in Mike Doughty’s blog.


    22 Mar 07 at 19:16

  3. Marc: I’ve not seen that, so thank you.
    Ed: Thanks. Hot Shots II is fantastic, eh? Can you email me, please?


    22 Mar 07 at 19:47

  4. Hot Shots II? Really?


    22 Mar 07 at 21:17

  5. Oh yes. It’s brilliant.


    22 Mar 07 at 21:18

  6. I like the typo in the intro:

    “ended up being a lot of CDs”

    I’d like for my gravestone to read along those lines:

    “He was great. He wrote hits songs. But essentially, he end up being a lots of CDs.”

    M. Ward


    26 Mar 07 at 18:21

  7. I wonder if you are the M. Ward…


    30 Mar 07 at 11:43

  8. just a comment to say that i have been enjoying your mixes all the way through (and more than once) since november.

    november’s still my favorite, but there’s been some great stuff in each of them. march is pretty damn good, too.


    31 Mar 07 at 01:36

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