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Personal pie charts

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I’m currently working on something that involves sorting out lots of information into graphs and charts. I’m not going to mention what that is right now, in case it doesn’t transpire; but while doing it, I started thinking about how elements of my own life can be viewed as pie charts. So I explored that theme. And this is what I came up with: Personal pies.

Written by Craig

March 27th, 2007 at 4:25 pm

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  1. I mihgt be wrong but… haven’t you visited Germany too?


    27 Mar 07 at 17:11

  2. genius. i love it!


    27 Mar 07 at 23:13

  3. nice…

    notice how the proportion doing FFF matches the one with good eyes?
    Coincidence? I’d think so…




    28 Mar 07 at 07:47

  4. Excellent. I was recently in a conversation where we talked about using maps to check off the states and countries we’d visited. We disagreed on what qualified as having been to a place–if plane changes count, my number would be much higher than I consider it to really be.

    If you came to the Washington D.C. area on your next visit to the U.S., you could knock out 3-4 more states within the span of a few hours. But, then you have the dilemma of what to do with D.C. itself: not a state, but shouldn’t it count for something?

    I’d grant you that afternoon in Istanbul, provided it was spent outside of an airport.

    Thanks for the pies!


    28 Mar 07 at 14:52

  5. I would say airports don’t count, but a good rule of thumb for me is if I’ve eaten or drank something there, then I’ve been there.


    28 Mar 07 at 15:28

  6. The pie about having a driving license touched me: I just got mine last week! (and you know I am not 16 years old…).

    Great pics of yourself on the top! What a cute baby you were…



    28 Mar 07 at 16:56

  7. oh. you did mention Germany.
    And I can’t spell…


    28 Mar 07 at 18:27

  8. Thanks, Laura!


    30 Mar 07 at 11:50

  9. Very cool. I’m inspired.

    Curious, what program do you use to create such sexy pie charts?

    Tom J. Kiehn

    3 Apr 07 at 15:35

  10. Thanks, Tom.
    I did the calculations and original pie charts in Excel, took a screenshot and traced over those screenshots in Photoshop.


    3 Apr 07 at 15:38

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