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Jesus clarifies

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Westboro Baptist Church + What Would Jesus Do? = Jesus clarifies

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Disclaimer: Ich bin ein Atheist.
I really hope this Louis Theroux programme on the Phelpses turns up on YouTube soon.

Written by Craig

April 1st, 2007 at 12:52 pm

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  1. I’m sitting watching, aghast. One hell of a cult.


    1 Apr 07 at 22:45

  2. It’s horrifying, I agree. I’m hoping the program will end up on BBC America or some other cable channel…

    Must admit though, I am fascinated by these Christian-right media reviews, and once spent an entire procrastinating afternoon at work reading about all the evils in my favorite movies & t.v. shows:



    3 Apr 07 at 14:51

  3. Thanks for that link, Kelly.
    I’ve noticed that the Theroux programme is out there as a torrent, should you wish to engage in that sort of thing.


    3 Apr 07 at 14:58

  4. The Louis Theroux documentary is already on YouTube. Its really startling.


    4 Apr 07 at 12:21

  5. Yes, it’s online, and starts here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2fUyJQgRuM

    Glad you’re back in the blogging way. Your words and art are really enjoyable.


    4 Apr 07 at 19:20

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