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As with every return from a holiday, it’s taking me a while to get started again. Not looking for any sympathy or anything, and I realise that hearing a freelance arty cunt moan is about as heart-wrenching as hearing a pop star complain about being famous, but all this time we freelancers have can sometimes be a burden. Of course, I say this, having spent the best part of Friday afternoon sat in the park, drawing and playing ball with Billy. But, the downside is it’s kinda tough to get back in the swing of things with no boss to demand that I sit at my desk from 9 ’til 5.30.

Belgium was wonderful. I say Belgium, but really, I mean Ghent. I only spent parts of a couple of days of my holiday not in Ghent. The more I think about it, the more it feels like my future home.

But for the meantime I’m in Berlin, with a new challenge: softball. As someone who’s not played a team sport for ten years, I was kinda nervous the other night when, through a friend of a friend, I hung out and did some training with a local team. It was the first time since my love for baseball appeared that I’ve used the big fat glove that has previously sat cradling a baseball and gathering dust on my desk. And apart from a bunch of dumb errors, some woeful bat-swinging, and weak throwing, I did okay for someone who’s not caught, hit, or thrown anything since I was forced to play cricket at school.

So today, the eve of what is potentially my first softball game, (I guess I may get a chance to play if enough people fail to turn up) I’m allowing myself that final opportunity to dream of being as hot as A-Rod, smacking home runs out of the park, before the reality likely hits home that I can’t hit a softball for toffee.

Anyway, some more photos from my trip.

A piece of road pointing into the sky across the border in the Netherlands

Again, in the Netherlands

The best of a bunch of crappy photos of Daniel Johnston live in Brussels

The view of Ghent from the top of the Gravensteen castle

Gent-Sint-Pieters train station

A pool ball reflected in the window of a bar makes a rather attractive goitre, no?

Some bicycles that were the victims in a road-markings accident

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April 28th, 2007 at 3:06 pm

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  1. Lovely pictures Craig. Two questions for you —

    What is it that you find so appealing about Belgium (Ghent)? I don’t know the first thing about it–except that apparently they’re sometimes a little overzealous with the blue spraypaint.

    When you go on holiday, how do you manage to enjoy yourself without looking like a complete tourist? Or do you just give in, put on a Hawaiian shirt, and sling a camera around your neck?


    30 Apr 07 at 14:40

  2. Thanks, Kelly.
    What I like about Ghent is it’s a small-ish town, that doesn’t feel like one. It seems to have the nice arty, liberal feeling of a bigger place.
    I have a trick when it comes to not looking like a tourist: wear the same thing I would wear every day of the year. I have no summer wardrobe, it’s just the closes I wear in the winter without a jacket and gloves, really.


    30 Apr 07 at 16:38

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