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May mix

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It’s quite a poppy one this time. You’ve probably heard each song on this mix a million times, but it doesn’t hurt to hear them again, huh?

May mix (41min 57sec, 48.1MB)

All Saints “Never Ever”
Alizée “J’en ai Marre”
Janet Jackson “When I Think Of You”
Jane Wiedlin “Rush Hour”
Kylie Minogue “Wouldn’t Change A Thing”
Annie “Heartbeat”
Sugababes “Push The Button”
Jamelia “Thank You”
Nelly Furtado “I’m Like A Bird”
Gwen Stefani “Cool”
Madonna “Borderline”

Written by Craig

May 12th, 2007 at 8:26 pm

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  1. Thank you for this

    Is Borderline about the personality disorder?


    15 May 07 at 10:35

  2. i never ever heard that song before … i like it a lot. thanks.

  3. I think (hope?) you’d really like The Cribs’ new record. I have a promo copy, I believe it’s out next week. But if, in the meantime, you’d like me to burn and post/email you a copy. just yell. It’s truly lovely, in a mildly confusing sad/happy “I was a child in Wakefield, and whilst I’m proud of that, I’m not entirely sure what it means…” sort of way.

    Anyway, the point being that it’s wonderfully melodic and gutsy and naive and profoundly Northern English – which is all the reasons why they’ve always been ace, only…this one is more so. I have a feeling this could be their year, finally. Anyway, blah…if you’d like it, yell. :)

    Mark (www.spidercake.net)


    17 May 07 at 01:30

  4. sweet! I really like that ‘rush hour’ song, and so happy to know who its by. thanx craig!


    18 May 07 at 20:23

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