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The drunkenest blog post in my life

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I said it two years ago, and I’ll say it again:
You fucking beauty!

(photo nicked off the BBC site)

Oops, I just dropped a whole tub of cottage cheese on the floor. It’s a right bloody mess…

Written by Craig

May 2nd, 2007 at 1:31 am

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6 Responses to 'The drunkenest blog post in my life'

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  1. My sentiments exactly.
    Poor Jose, he just can’t get a break can he?
    hahaha…Im laughing all the way to Athens.
    Now lets just hope for Milan


    2 May 07 at 03:14

  2. Way to go cottage cheese man!
    oh, and, hell yeah Liverpool!


    2 May 07 at 03:36

  3. You gonna go to the final, Lee? Have you seen the eBay prices? Jesus…
    Gotta be done, though.


    2 May 07 at 14:30

  4. i’m going, again. istanbul was the bollocks!

    i was also at the semi at ours, FUCK OFF MOURINHO! indeed!


    3 May 07 at 11:55

  5. Way out of my league Im afraid Craig, you can have my voice after you’ve shouted yourself hoarse though.
    Thank god it wasnt the Mancs aswell, my nerves would not have been able to cope. You always hear of one heart attack at he time of these finals. It would have been me Im sure of it.
    Think its going to be tough but you never know. (I remember thinking this the last time and Im not going to be anymore optimistic than that in case I jinx it)


    3 May 07 at 18:51

  6. Well done fella (it was all down to you and the cottage cheese). Nice to have a Milan replay too.

    Now I’m praying Rotherham do us a favour


    4 May 07 at 10:52

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