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London 2012

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So, Sebastian Coe and “London 2012 ambassadors” launched this “new brand and vision” today. Awful, isn’t it? The promo video is even worse.

I didn’t realise that the Olympic spirit could be symbolised in such a shockingly ugly way. I dunno who designed it, but who ever signed off on this LDN LYMPX 2012 text message, piece-of-shit logo is a fucking moron.

This is what the media release tells us (when did these things stop being call press releases? is that re-branding, too?):

The new emblem is dynamic, modern and flexible reflecting a brand savvy world where people, especially young people, no longer relate to static logos but respond to a dynamic brand that works with new technology and across traditional and new media networks.

Yeh, grandad! Static logos are for LOSERS! And since when did “brand savvy” become the Olympic ideal? I always kinda liked the idea of people coming together to run races and throw javelins with each other.

Best quote of all comes from Tony Blair:

When people see the new brand, we want them to be inspired to make a positive change in their life.

Fuck. Off. You. Sanctimonious. Cunt.

I need a lie down.

Written by Craig

June 4th, 2007 at 3:34 pm

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  1. haha
    Since when did the Olympics have to be edgy and dynamic anyway?
    What’s wrong with traditionalism and the Olympic ideal and flaming torches and all that?


    4 Jun 07 at 16:09

  2. I’ve now polled everyone in Britain and can reveal that absolutely no-one likes the logo. It takes terrific skill to come up with a design so universally loathed.

    Still, it’s just British to complain about these things, isn’t it? It’s not that the logo’s shit, it’s just that we’re a nation of whingers. Right, Tony?


    4 Jun 07 at 16:50

  3. Oh aye, you can’t beat a good moan.


    4 Jun 07 at 16:53

  4. Wolff-Ollins are responsible for this load of old crap. We should raid their offices and poo in their hard-drives. We’ve been scratching our heads and shouting at the logo all day. The inspiration seems to have been 80’s anti-war propaganda, Wella ShockWaves hair gel or Lisa Simpson giving head.


    4 Jun 07 at 18:51

  5. > “when did these things stop being call press releases?”

    Do people still talk about pop stars selling records? I can’t imagine using any other term, even though I’ve never owned any vinyl.

    > “Lisa Simpson giving head”

    Some phrases should never, ever be written.


    4 Jun 07 at 20:28

  6. I don’t suppose you saw the Goatse alternative?


    5 Jun 07 at 13:41

  7. They’ve killed the animated online logo now as it’s causing epileptic seizures. So that was well thought through then.

    scot devine

    6 Jun 07 at 10:44

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