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Naked man without a penis

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Written by Craig

June 12th, 2007 at 7:53 pm

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  1. What’s on the other stone?


    14 Jun 07 at 17:40

  2. Just white paint at the moment.


    14 Jun 07 at 17:53

  3. Okay. What will be on the other stone? Do we get to see?


    15 Jun 07 at 10:37

  4. I’m not really sure yet.


    15 Jun 07 at 11:40

  5. I imagine flying vaginas


    15 Jun 07 at 13:51

  6. Hi Craig!

    Just a comment on some earlier stuff (because I didn’t have time earlier)

    liked your little beatles text lines – short and funny

    there must be more of those…

    I’ll read them!



    21 Jun 07 at 07:54

  7. once there was a man with
    the biggest penis on earth.

    the penis was so big the man could not walk or sit or live among others.

    as the years passed, the penis became bigger and bigger… and bigger…

    so the man decided to go to the mountains and cut it. he threw it on a valley.

    as he ran back home, not knowing if to feel free or sad, he heard a noise. he looked back and the penis had become a volcano.

    this volcano came and came and came. it was the hottest lava ever and you could see it from the moon.
    everything was red and had a strong smell.

    the man ran a little more and stopped suddenly as he realized :
    if i had only called her, none of this would have happened


    29 Jun 07 at 08:18

  8. how do I meet a man with no penis?
    I would like someonewho doesnt think with his dick for a friend…


    3 Mar 09 at 04:21

  9. I am actually searching for someone to be a companion with…who can sit thru a movie without getting so horney he has to run and do the neighbor.(they want variety)
    someone who enjoys leisurely breakfasts and travel and doing things that dont include the genitals…they dont exactly have dating sites for women looking for men without a penis…or do they?


    3 Mar 09 at 04:25

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