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A disappointing Bounty

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Like Saddam Hussein, I love a Bounty. The dark chocolate version, particularly. It is indeed a taste of paradise. Unless it’s past its sell-by date, which was the case with the one I ate yesterday. It was only a few days too old, but the lovely moisty coconutty yumminess was all gone. It was too dry in the middle and felt like chewing some coconut-flavoured papier-mâché. I still ate it, though.

Yes, it really has come to this: blogging about out-of-date chocolate bars…

Written by Craig

July 6th, 2007 at 12:51 pm

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  1. Maybe it was almost 6 months! out of date: Jan 7th 2007.

    This is why there’s an international standard for dates (ISO 8601), and it goes like this:



    6 Jul 07 at 14:37

  2. I live in the town where those Bounties are made (Veghel, The Netherlands – see code) and I like to apologize for your inconvenience.



    14 Jul 07 at 11:17

  3. I was under the assumption that this ‘taste of paradise’ was actually made in a tropical paradise. Just found out that Bounty bars are also made in Slough, UK too.


    23 Jul 07 at 13:23

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