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Here’s a little graph-y chart thingy. Each scrollbar represents one month’s worth of blogging. The size of each scrollbar represents the overall size of the page that one is viewing (a large scrollbar equals less vertical content in the page). So I took a screenshot of every “month” page in the archives, and assembled those into this chart. I wanted to compare the amount of stuff I’ve done on this weblog every month since it began in April 2005. It’s not a particularly scientific way of measuring things, because once a page’s content gets quite large the default minimum size of the scrollbar kicks in; but this is more of an overview-y glimpse than a science experiment.

What this chart tells me is that I got off to a slow start, picked up speed and remained fairly consistent through ’til the summer of 2006. Then I had my little freak-out where I stopped altogether; did nothing in December 2006, very little in January and February of this year, and have been pretty inconsistent ever since.

I’ve had a feeling for quite a while now that the overall quality of this page has been dwindling. And I think it’s partly to do with the quantity and regularity also dwindling; putting less stuff up here makes every post that I do put seem more important (in my own head); like each one has to be great rather than average. I’m going to make an attempt to rectify that, and try and get back to writing or drawing or photographing something most days of the week. Whether that’ll kick in right away, I don’t know; but it has to kick in sooner or later otherwise this whole thing becomes as pointless as Oblio.

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July 27th, 2007 at 11:06 am

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  1. … but “there, on the top of his head, was a point.”

    I really like your method of measuring your blog output but seeing all those Aqua scroll bars together like that shows just how dated they have become (it reminds me of when the original iMac’s translucent Bondi Blue started showing up on toasters in Argos and multi-way extension leads in IKEA – sometimes, Apple have a lot to answer for)

    Off topic: have you seen the new folder icons for OS X Leopard?

    Goofin' With The Bees

    27 Jul 07 at 11:58

  2. I quite like the new “stacks” they have; that seems like a good idea. The reflective dock and semi-transparent menu bar I could do without, though.

    When OS X replaced OS 9, I clearly remember being shocked at how bright, bubbly, almost childish, it looked. And while there are certain things about OS X’s appearance that I like, I can’t help but wish they’d kept some of the basic-looking OS 9 stuff.


    27 Jul 07 at 12:10

  3. I am hoping that the large number of complaints/concerns about the translucent menubar will encourage Apple to make it optional, if not, there will be a third-party solution within a week of launch.
    From the screen shots of leopard, I think it will be more toned down and less childish – no brushed metal, the gradients are more subtle, the UI is much more unified (finally).
    Here are the new Leopard folder icons (Senduit link, expires in a week)

    (this is Andrew, by the way)

    The Pointless Forest

    27 Jul 07 at 12:50

  4. I assumed it was you.

    Those folders… they’re okay. I’d prefer them if they were proper rectangles, rather than having the slightly concave edges.


    27 Jul 07 at 13:25

  5. And here I was, thinking this was an entry about the blog itself, not OS X interface minutiae :)

    Don’t worry about the quantity or quality so much that it stops you enjoying the blogging and the making stuff. Hope you find your groove with it all.


    27 Jul 07 at 13:37

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