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Whiskers II: whole lot of shavin’ going on

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The pie charts I did the other day – about the facial hair of US presidents and British PMs – got me thinking: what is the current political state of facial hair in the world?

So I did some research. And it wasn’t as easy as I had first thought. Some countries are simple to check, cos they have someone who’s clearly completely in charge, at the top of the tree (Kim Jong-il, Gordon Brown, Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, etc.); but there are plenty of nations that have presidents and prime ministers, and it’s sometimes difficult to work out who has the power, and whether the president is mainly just a ceremonial position. I’ve done my best. If I made any mistakes, please let me know.

I kinda obsessed on it a bit… working on it from about 8pm ’til 3am last night. And doing the pie charts wasn’t enough, oh no: it seemed like a good idea to also express this information as a map, which you can see below the pie charts. (Note: North America includes the Caribbean nations.)

Click the map to see the full-size version. (Map template borrowed from Wikipedia.)

So, what have we learned? Well, firstly, that there aren’t many women in charge; that African leaders like a ‘tache; as do those in southern Asia and the (horribly-named) Middle East; and I learned that my assumption that South America would have lots of moustaches was utterly wrong.

Update: Conor mentioned in the comments that Robert Mugabe has a moustache. He’s right. I didn’t even notice it; I just thought it was a shadow rather than a wispy, slightly-Hitlerian moustache. The map and pie charts have been amended accordingly.

Written by Craig

July 27th, 2007 at 2:49 pm

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  1. Hei Craig, it’s a brilliant idea, isnt it? a simple way to present the current political state as well.


    27 Jul 07 at 16:35

  2. I think we can conclude from this that most of the world does not trust a man with a beard, and almost all of the world does not apparently trust women.


    Although we trusted Margaret Thatcher for 10 years.

    But look where that got us. It got us to John Major, is where it got us.


    28 Jul 07 at 02:46

  3. I would argue that Bob Mugabe has a moustache, although it’s very small…

    Conor Cahill

    28 Jul 07 at 10:34

  4. [ … Der Designer und Illustrator Craig Robinson (36, Bartträger) hat letzte Nacht eine interessante Untersuchung durchgeführt visualisiert …]

    Jürgen Siebert

    29 Jul 07 at 10:53

  5. I would have thought the the most moustachioed continent by far would be S. America – and yet, not a single one. Amazing. I guess I’m guilty of facial-hair prejudice.


    30 Jul 07 at 19:12

  6. Isn’t India’s president a woman? It would certainly matter on the map…
    greets Mungo


    31 Jul 07 at 09:21

  7. Indeed, Pratibha Patil is the president of India; but the role of president is mainly ceremonial. The Prime Minister is the big cheese, decisions-wise.


    31 Jul 07 at 09:54

  8. How about doing a similar study for Bald Vs. Hair…


    6 Aug 07 at 04:56

  9. Now Argentina’s President is female too.

    Diego Eguía

    6 Feb 08 at 07:09

  10. Have you noticed that there is a beard belt around the world that follows a climate zone?


    4 Apr 08 at 12:37

  11. Why aren’t the 50 states represented ?
    They lead, as well- we are a Representative Republic, and they represent strong female leaders you’re leaving out.


    25 Nov 08 at 17:13

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