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August mix

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There’s a possibility that the August mix is quite frustrating to listen to. I was messing about, really. I usually have some sort of plan; with about twice as many songs as I’ll eventually need, and I try and whittle it down and fashion some sort of mix that flows reasonably well.

This time, I decided to begin with one song and then, while listening to that song, decide what the next song would be, and on and on. The mix has 31 songs on it; some of them just tiny snippets, and some full songs too.

If you download and open the mix in iTunes, you should be able to read the track listing by clicking File > Get Info. (I hope that works, anyway. It does on a Mac, but I’ve no idea about a Windows computer.)

august2007mix.mp3 (41.1MB, 35’46)
Hope you enjoy. As always, it’ll stay online for a week.

Written by Craig

August 6th, 2007 at 2:12 pm

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  1. Keeping it live, keeping it real. Respect.


    6 Aug 07 at 18:14

  2. by the way…
    “does anybody read this…” (couple of months ago)



    9 Aug 07 at 21:20

  3. I’m glad someone is, Alex.


    14 Aug 07 at 14:22

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