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Beginning planning

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As I mentioned, I’m leaving Berlin in a couple of months. I want to do a bit of travelling. Maybe stay in various places for a few weeks, then move along like Lassie with a passport.

It occurred to me that going to some places might not be as easy as just flashing the passport that Her Britannic Majesty’s Sectetary of State has assigned to me. And being someone who a) is a bit of a nerd, and b) finds information presented graphically easier to understand, I made a map of the visa requirements of the nations of the world.

Maybe this is useful for you too; although I take no responsibility for you being arrested in Namibia if I got it wrong. This map is entirely based on having a UK passport. And, although it seems most EU nations have similar rights of entry: don’t bank on it, Johnny German. Plus, if you’ve ever been to Israel, you’re a bit fucked when it comes to some Muslim countries: they don’t want you.

Click image for full-size version.

My plan, as it stands, is to go to Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and whatever other points around that ice cream-shaped continent I like the look of. I quite fancy the Galápogos Islands, and seeing some more of the US, too; but we’ll see if the money stretches that far.

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August 31st, 2007 at 2:17 pm

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  1. if you go to Mexico, definitely spend a night or two in Guanajuato… there’s a great museum of mummies there!


    31 Aug 07 at 17:37

  2. The Swiss might not like the fact that you forced them into the EU… ;)


    31 Aug 07 at 22:36

  3. Oops. Thanks for pointing that out. Map amended.


    31 Aug 07 at 23:21

  4. if you need any information on brazil, dont bother asking, i would gladly try to help you !
    a big fan from “porto alegre”(thats south of brazil, almost uruguay) here


    4 Sep 07 at 06:20

  5. wow. thats a great plan!! good luck… “have you seen/read motorcycle diaries”? are there no countries you are not allowed in?


    6 Sep 07 at 15:55

  6. Thanks, Guilherme. I just sent you an email.

    Yuko, Thank you. I have seen the film; enjoyed it. I’ve not been to Israel, so I’m okay for Sudan : )
    Brits are allowed into Cuba, so no problem there. Basically every country I wanna go to on this trip is fine. Unless the CIA take a look at what I wrote about Reagan in Atlas, Schmatlas, that is.


    6 Sep 07 at 17:39

  7. Craig, if you come to São Paulo, Brazil, please get in touch with me, rosana@gmail.com
    I’ve been a great admirer of your work and I would gladly help you out with anything you need.


    16 Sep 07 at 19:10

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