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I don’t usually bother watching England friendlies, there’s way too many substitutions for the game to be of any relevance; but last night’s England v Germany game was, unsurprisingly, on German TV, so I tuned in. Not a bad game, not great either.

Two things caught my eye, though. First, the sartorial difference between the two coaches. While Steve McLaren dresses like the warehouse manager of the Asda store in Rotherham; Joachim Löw looks like he would be quite at home sipping a Radeburger, discussing the merits of Kurt Weill, in a dark corner of a bar near my flat.

The other thing was how funny it was to see that Nationwide seemed to assume that the TV cameras would be on the other side of the pitch. Those awful awful awful perspectiveless adverts that get put on the grass beside the goals seemed to have been put on the wrong side of each goal, so instead of having our perspective messed with, we TV viewers got to see nothing but a stretched-out blur of red, white, and blue.

Anyway, congratulations Germany on your victory in a perfectly pointless match.

Written by Craig

August 23rd, 2007 at 10:50 am

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  1. I think that british TV-viewer have seen the game mirror-inverted. Did you notice that the main-advertising-area contains german brans only while the goal area was occupied by british brands. I am sure that the british TV cameras have been installed on the opposite side. Obviously the “german” grass advertising area could not be sold (or was not allowed by german TV) while the british one was occupied (tha what we’ve seen on German TV stretched the wrong way.

    J├╝rgen Siebert

    23 Aug 07 at 13:26

  2. aaah, Jürgen, you’re cleverer than me; I never thought of that. I just assumed dit’ be the same broadcast for all audiences, but it wouldd seem you are right:


    23 Aug 07 at 14:30

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