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Poorly paw

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Billy was limping a bit yesterday. He was still limping this morning, so we went to the vet. Poor little boy got a tiny tiny stone stuck in his paw.

But if I’d have known the reaction that Billy limping along with a bandaged foot would get from women, I’d have put a bandage on Billy’s foot every day…

Written by Craig

August 31st, 2007 at 2:56 pm

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8 Responses to 'Poorly paw'

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  1. That little bandage is totally adorable.


    1 Sep 07 at 00:22

  2. Poor Billy – but I love the expression on his face!


    1 Sep 07 at 00:27

  3. Billy is beautiful, I hope his paw gets better soon. i bet he is being spoilt.


    1 Sep 07 at 10:51

  4. Where’s Billy going to go when you go wherever you’re going next?


    1 Sep 07 at 19:46

  5. He’ll be going to stay with my ex’s parents. They live in the countryside and have a garden, so he’ll be incredibly happy. And treated like a king.


    1 Sep 07 at 19:54

  6. if only the same worked for girls with dogs….i just get looked at like i was the one who caused the wound. i say milk it for all its worth!!


    2 Sep 07 at 03:35

  7. Hello Craig
    So adorable. I feel so much for you not having Billy around in the months to come so hope the travelling takes you and your mind to places where the sun shines and life feels good. Sorry I haven’t emailed in a while – my internet account has been disconnected.
    Personally, I have always found having a dog to be some kind of pulling magnet (not that I should be pulling in my circumstances) but a bandaged dog must be a huge draw.
    Take care

    Ian Mac

    4 Sep 07 at 21:20

  8. Ian, good to hear from you. Yeh, it’s gonna be weird not having him around. I dunno how much he’ll notice that I’m gone, mind; he has such a good time with Hanni’s parents that I imagine he doesn’t really think much about my absence.


    4 Sep 07 at 22:39

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