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The Americanest Man

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There are few things I enjoy drawing more than the little buildings that house Witham and Woodhall’s little museums. So I was happy to spend most of the weekend drawing this stuff: Witham and Woodhall’s Americanest Man.

The above link takes you to the version with music, but if you don’t want your boss to know your farting around on the Internet instead of doing what he/she pays you to do, you can click here to see the music-free version.

Anyway, The Americanest Man is a guy that Witham and Woodhall ran into whilst touring the Midwest searching for North American mammoth ivory tusks, which, legend has it, contain magical powers. They didn’t find no tusks, but the trip was worthwhile, as you will see…

A quick explanatory afterthought: The Americanest Man isn’t intended to be viewed in any way as an anti-American thing. It’s more gently ribbing the idea of patriotism.

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August 13th, 2007 at 6:49 pm

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