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Yet more new Minipops

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Ten of the little buggers.

Today, the puny pixilated popular people that I’ve drawn are all comedians. Some are funny, some are not. All of them, though, have my respect for doing a job which would immediately bring me out in the sweats. Not just armpits and a fish-shaped-blob-up-the-spine sweating; but all-over, soaked-shirt, down-the-legs rivulets of brine. The idea of standing in front of a load of strangers all looking directly at me expecting me to make them laugh their socks off is utterly, utterly terrifying.

There are some Americans (Sam Kinison, Steven Wright, Bill Cosby, and Whoopi Goldberg), and some Brits (Cannon and Ball, Eddie Izzard, Harry Hill, Phill Jupitus, Jo Brand, and Roy “Chubby” Brown). Apologies to readers from non-English-speaking countries, but your comedy has kinda passed me by and will probably go forever un-Minipopped.

Written by Craig

August 17th, 2007 at 1:25 am

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  1. All these new minipops have got me wondering – what’s FlipFlopFlying Boy doing these days? How’s his retirement going?

    Marc Snyder

    17 Aug 07 at 04:10

  2. How about some Star Trek or Star Wars characters, if you don’t have any?


    17 Aug 07 at 05:28

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