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I adore this film. It’s so utterly wonderful. The moment when he begins singing “I Will Always Love You” is one of the few moments when I get the shivers and my eyes well up instantly. Oh, those damn fireworks get me every time. It’d be nice to feel like that once in a while…

Written by Craig

September 5th, 2007 at 4:34 pm

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  1. What’s the name of that movie…”Perfect”??

    Is that Nicole Kidman?


    5 Sep 07 at 17:16

  2. It’s “Moulin Rouge”, and yes, it is Nicole Kidman.


    5 Sep 07 at 17:18

  3. I know me too! i know that it is hollywood and cheesy but i get so involved and I ALWAYS cry at the end. I can’t listen to the soundtrack in the car as I will ball my eyes out. Nicole and ewan are so beautiful in it and even though niether of them have really amazing voices, that somehow makes it even better. I wish there was more like it!


    5 Sep 07 at 22:14

  4. i get that same feeling when i watch ‘shop around the corner’.
    if you havent seen it i highly recommend it!


    5 Sep 07 at 23:23

  5. This is my favorite moment in this movie. It’s definitely in my top ten moments in any movie. I have the soundtrack track (“Elephant Love Medley,” it’s called) in the iTunes playlist for songs I’d give more than five stars if I could.

    Thank you for posting it! :)


    6 Sep 07 at 07:55

  6. Thanks for reminding me of this glorious film, I’ll go get the DVD this instant! I love Baz Luhrmann, who also made another fantastic film, Striclty Ballroom.


    6 Sep 07 at 14:46

  7. That’s a great scene out of a great film, indeed! It’s also perfect for group sing-along sessions. :)


    6 Sep 07 at 20:15

  8. Craig. Really. And I had you down as a cynic.


    8 Sep 07 at 11:32

  9. Ha! Yes… a cynical idealist describes it best, I think.


    8 Sep 07 at 11:34

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