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September mix

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septembermix.mp3 (47:01 53.9MB)

“Miami Vice Theme” Jan Hammer
Palm trees, flamingos, a windsurfer, bouncy boobs, jai alai, horse racing, Rolls Royces, hotels by the beach, parrots, a greyhound, a fancy hotel, two girls’ bums in bikinis, speedboats, and Edward James Olmos as Castillo. Let the fun begin.

“Immigrant Song” Led Zeppelin
Doesn’t get more rockin’ than this…

“Alpha Wave (Plastikman Acid House Mix)” System 7
…although, this gives it a run with its money.

“Spiders (Kidsmoke)” Wilco
If I had to guess which song I’ve listened to the most while in the park walking Billy, I’d guess it was this one.

“Paper Planes” M.I.A.
A very nice song off her new LP, with some good gun sounds on it.

“Radioactivity” Kraftwerk
The version off “The Mix” album. Reminds me of being in Berlin, on holiday with my mate Keith. We stayed in a hostel, and being Kraftwerk nerds, used the visit as a chance to buy German versions of their albums.

“Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake” Grandaddy
And this one reminds me of when I first grew a beard. It was a very hot summer – 2003 – and I was very close to shaving it off; then I went to see Grandaddy play and realised that if they can wear beards and play in hot sweaty clubs every night, then I too could rock the beard.

“Do-Re-Mi” Julie Andrews and a bunch of kids
A very beautiful song indeed. Like most of the songs off that film.

As always, the mp3 stays online for a week, so grab it now if you want it. I think October’s mix will be the last one for quite a while, so I promise I’ll make an extra special one.

Written by Craig

September 3rd, 2007 at 4:05 pm

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  1. 2003 was a ridiculously hot summer. I’d just started living in London. Out of the office, I had to walk down Nine Elms Lane for 10 minutes into the sun. Light industrial all around. Dusty, mercilessly hot, and in those days I was still doing the suit and tie thing.


    4 Sep 07 at 00:44

  2. Pfff, that sounds rough. It was horrible here, too. The flat I lived in at the time had direct sunlight the whole afternoon. And something happens to the drains in Berlin in the summer; they start to stink really bad. There was a drain directly beneath my window.


    4 Sep 07 at 01:01

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