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We are Tigers ’80

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Something new today. Well, I say today, but really I drew in May 2006. It’s called We are Tigers ’80. I had planned on creating some sort of animation, but I’ve not got around to it, and realistically, don’t think I ever will; thus I present it here as a drawing instead.

It’s about being in a gang. I was never in a gang at school (and by gang, I don’t mean a gang like MS-13; just a group of boys acting tough and eating sweets). Without wanted to sound like your grandad, the late seventies/early eighties were a good time to be a kid in sleepy Lincoln. Nobody was getting their heads kicked in, while other lads filmed it on their mobile phones as far as I know.

Anyway, I wanted to do something about what it might have been like to be in a kid gang. And I guess my interest in baseball statistics comes into play here, too. Doing a nerdy sets of rules and achievements and history stuff would have been something that, had I been in a gang, I’d have loved to have drawn back then.

I tried to keep it as realistic as possible. The 10-year-old Craig would have adapted sports team logos for his own use, so I’ve done that. Likewise, the language used is the language I’d have used 27 years ago, although there is one error: the reference to being “a Joey” (those of you who don’t get the reference should look up Joey Deacon on Wikipedia) is chronologically wrong. I hadn’t actually heard of him before he made his appearance on Blue Peter in 1981, a year after the time this drawing is meant to represent. For that I apologise; although, I really should be apologising for being cruel when using that word, but, like I say, I was trying to use words I’d have used back then.

It’s ineresting to look back, though, at a time when TV really did behave like YouTube behaves today: the day after Deacon was on Blue Peter, the whole school was sticking their tongues between their lower teeth and lip and making, ahem, “spazzy” noises. And, wrong though it is, I still do that now and again if I or a friend do something stupid. Oh deary deary me, how terrible that must sound…

Written by Craig

September 7th, 2007 at 2:35 pm

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  1. That’s superb!
    Made me think of old gangs, and camps and making little survival kits that fitted inside a matchbox.
    Nos-tal-gic :)


    7 Sep 07 at 16:42

  2. Have you read Black Swan Green? Gives you goose bumps – in the same way that I’m sure this does to anyone of the circa 1970 vintage. So acutely observed that you squirm with adoloscent anxiety, but also revel in the whole gorgeousness of being that age.


    13 Sep 07 at 00:30

  3. I did, yes. It’s a lovely book, isn’t it?


    13 Sep 07 at 10:11

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