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A nice Friday

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Due to my recurring iritis, I’ve been to see the same eye doctor many many many times. Hopefully, I’ll have seen her for the last time. I’ll miss her foxy receptionist, but I won’t miss sitting in the waiting room, staring at the door to the doctor’s office, willing the patient already in there to only have a minor problem so I can get in there quicker and stop having to look at those same damn pictures on the door.

And when one looks at something over and over again, one starts to notice that the no-mobile-phones sign looks very very old now. Mobile phones didn’t even look like this when I first visited her surgery seven years ago. One notices how bad the drawing of the woman is. Where the hell is her neck? Why can’t we see the right arm of her specs through the lens? But the one thing that does my head in is the photo of the old people.

They used to just look like a happy couple who like having eyes that work. But now they look like an evil man who wants to buy my children and force them to work in a diamond mine, and his evil wife who will howl with laughter as my children are dragged out of my arms.

Aside from my trip to the eye doctor, today’s been one of those days where interesting little things happen to perk up my day. First, I was stood at a pedestrian crossing, blankly staring into the street, when a guy in a passing car suddenly made a face at me and stuck his tongue out. Then I saw a middle-aged woman with sandy hair with about two inches of pink dye in her fringe, and her Yorkshire terrier also had a splodge of pink dye in his sandy-coloured hair between his ears. And then I saw that various bits of my work got a nice write-up on the Guardian web site.

I like fun days like this.

Written by Craig

October 19th, 2007 at 3:06 pm

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  1. Feels weird that my little blog I read, that no one else knows about, it’s just mine, and to which I occasionally comment on about cricket or atmospheric physics, is one of the most consistently rewarding on the internet. Here here.


    19 Oct 07 at 15:32

  2. When I see advertising posters like the one with the crazy old people, it just makes me want to punch them in the face…who is that freaken happy??

    Congratulations on the write up!


    19 Oct 07 at 18:27

  3. Many congrats on the write-up, Craig, keep the quirky stuff coming, I particularly liked today’s post.

    (long time reader, first time commenter. Hey, I bought my brother Minipop’s for his birthday a while back, he’s a fellow Liverpool-supporting Lincolnshirian, now living in Oz [tralia]. Loved it. Cheers.)


    19 Oct 07 at 20:38

  4. Funny how your mood can reflect the interpreting of the pictures… :)

    And what on Earth is a write up? I’m Swedish. I don’t understand.

    The thing about the guy making faces – I’ve seen that too. They think they are sooo safe in their car, but wait until they have to stop at the red light. Yup, I’m next to the car and… Well, in my thoughts anyway.


    23 Oct 07 at 21:23

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