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Sometimes, the real world doesn’t play the game. This morning, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, with Billy sat next to me wondering if I was going to just hurry up and take him for a walk, when I glanced at the back of the t-shirt hanging on the radiator. The back of this particular t-shirt has a big number seven on it, and the word “Mantle” above it. It is, of course, a New York Yankees Mickey Mantle t-shirt.

My mind wandered and wondered if there were two more baseball players that could complete the basic interior structure of the Earth. One walk around the park later, I dash to my computer and search on the Internet for a player called “Core”.

Yes! Danny Core. Two down, one to go.

Please… pleeeeeeeeease let there me a “Crust”…


No Crust. The closest I can get is Fernando Cortez; corteza being the Spanish word for “crust.”

As Meat Loaf so memorably said, two out of three ain’t bad…


Written by Craig

October 20th, 2007 at 12:38 pm

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  1. ahhhh Meatloaf…
    when i watched this concert as a child i feared for the girl in white…it was like she was his sex slave or something and i kept waiting for them to start having sex on stage..they get pretty hot and heavy (ha ha heavy) on stage.
    even though i wasnt sure what sex was it seemed something was going on between them.


    20 Oct 07 at 23:30

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