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How cool is this?

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A short message links to a page with details about the new Radiohead album. And if you don’t want the special £40 box full of goodies, and you just want the download, you get to decide yourself how much you want to pay.

This is an ace idea. I’m sure a lot of people will pay one pence (and who can blame them), but I got to the page where I had to decide, and I couldn’t bring myself to be a cheapskate. So I paid a tenner.

Damn! I paid a tenner when I could’ve got it for one pence! What a dick I am!

Written by Craig

October 1st, 2007 at 1:02 am

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  1. You’re not getting the special £40 box full of goodies?

    Actually, if you’ll be traveling for a year, I guess it might not be that useful.


    1 Oct 07 at 15:22

  2. Exactly. I won’t have an address when it comes out.


    1 Oct 07 at 15:27

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