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Music (not) for Airports

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With a nice bit of forethought – the sort that usually passes me by – I loaded Brian Eno’s Ambient 1: Music for Airports on to my iPod before I went to London for the weekend. I was genuinely quite excited about listening to the album in an airport. I do wonder why I’d not done it before.

Once I got to Flughafen Berlin-Schönefeld, though, my excitement bubble was, rather inevitably, burst.

I guess that airports must’ve been different places in 1978 when Brian Eno made that album. They probably were far more exclusive places; mainly used by rich people, businessmen, and balding arty rock stars. There was no easyJet-style airlines to bring the tone of the place down, for one thing. Fewer pasty-faced families dragging their obnoxious children off on weekend breaks. Minimal security theatre. You could probably smoke cigarettes, too.

All in all, Music for Airports – in its intended environment – doesn’t feel relevant. I think I’ll stick to listening to it at home from now on. I wonder if it ever did feel relevant, though. And, of course, I wonder if I’m wrong: have you listened to it in an airport? How was it for you?

Written by Craig

October 30th, 2007 at 9:29 pm

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  1. I love that record and I’d certainly welcome it over the blaring television news found in most US airports.


    30 Oct 07 at 23:00

  2. I feel what you’re saying Craig. Strangley enough, I listened to this for the first time in years about 2 months ago in my loft with the rooflights open in the dead of night whilst watching a meteor shower…..highly recommended! Perhaps, he got the title wrong- “Music for Meteors” anyone?


    30 Oct 07 at 23:50

  3. That does sound about right, Jam.

    And I totally agree, Stuart. Airports are bad enough without being forced to listen to one TV channel.

    Perhaps, on reflection, I need better headphones if I want to properly appreciate Music for Airports in an airport.


    30 Oct 07 at 23:53

  4. i saw a live-performance of it a couple of years ago at (amsterdam’s) schiphol airport. part of some highbrow art festival. a bit too dull to sit and watch. but i thought it kinda worked as background music.


    31 Oct 07 at 12:52

  5. I listened to it on a cold, lonely train station, 1 o’clock at night. This record is so relaxing I fall asleep whenever I listen to it…so that time, indeed, I slept…and woke up 8 in the morning :(


    5 Nov 07 at 20:45

  6. But have you ever listened to Thursday Afternoon on a Thursday afternoon?


    15 Nov 07 at 11:10

  7. I haven’t.
    But I might do this afternoon.


    15 Nov 07 at 11:12

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